Is Michael Sheen going to play Blofeld in Bond 23?


With all due respect to dear ol’ blighty, I normally ignore any rumour that originates from an English news source. Nothing personal; they’re just usually too ridiculous to report. However, this one seemed kinda plausible.

Acclaimed thespian Michael Sheen is apparently in talks to star as Ernst Blofeld in the newest Bond flick.

Blofeld has made appearances in six Bond films already, having been played by a variety of actors.

Now the likelihood of Sheen joining the cast is not that crazy, especially considering long-time collaborator Peter Morgan has officially been signed on to co-write the screenplay for Bond 23.

Sheen has already starred in Morgan-scripted flicks The Queen, Frost/Nixon and the as-yet unreleased The Damned United.

It would be remiss to deny that Morgan and Sheen have a clear penchant for working with one another. However, with the film still in the writing stages, it seems unlikely that any casting decisions are being made regarding new characters.

We’ll report more news on the topic as it becomes available.

Discuss: So, this is purely hypothetical of course, but how would you feel about A) Sheen as a Bond villain; B) Sheen as Blofeld; and C) Blofeld’s return in Bond 23?

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