Arrested Development gets animated, Simpsons-style


OK, this is far too incredible to leave unreported. Our friends over at Cazhmere alerted us to this awesome Arrested Development/Simpsons mash-up.

The images were created by Dean over at Springfield Punx and turned into a make-shift Arrested Development Movie poster by a fan.

If you don’t get a kick out of seeing an animated Annyong, or a Simpsonized Steve Holt, then I have no time for you.

Check out the rest of those great Arrested Development/Simpsons images HERE!

Speaking of that Arrested Development movie, David Cross (Tobias Funke himself) has told MTV that the cast are all in, the script has been ordered and creator Mitch Hurwitz is writing as we speak. All that’s left is to get everyone’s deals in order and the AD movie is a go.

JUST IN CASE…maybe let’s not all gets our hopes up yet.

Discuss: Greatest show of all time: Arrested Development or The Simpsons? All other suggestions will be both incorrect and ignored.

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