Come one, come all to Zombieland!


The trailer for Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming undead-extravaganza Zombieland has burst unto the interweb.

The flick is the feature-film debut for Fleischer, and stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone (major plus points) and Abigail Breslin as a ragtag group of survivors in a zombie-plagued America.

Getting a strong Shaun of the Dead via Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy vibe from the trailer. That’s a good thing. Check it.

Fun fact: Zombieland was written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who have been hired to pen the potential Spiderman spinoff Venom.

The flick is headed to Australian cinemas December 10th, 2009. It also features a cameo from Bill Murray as a zombie. That’s funny, I thought he already played a zombie in Broken Flowers. Hi-yo! Sorry, that wasn’t cool. Bill Murray is a God.

Discuss: Are you a fan of the classic lumbering Romero zombies or do you prefer the 28 Days Later speed-freak zombies?

2 Responses to “Come one, come all to Zombieland!”

  1. definitely speed freak zombies! keeps you on your toes. but i love the zombieland trailer! though i love anything with woody in it ☺

  2. When you think of a zombie, breaking the one mile minute is not something that comes to mind. Slow, ambling , dumb zombies are the real zombies. Theyre like lava, slow moving, always adavancing, bright redAlso zombieland looks awesome. Im even putting it up on my list of films to see. Thats not saying much, but hey, cant wait

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