What is the most complained about film of the year?

source: news.com.au

The Australian Classification Board has revealed the most complained about film of 2009 so far is … Will Ferrell‘s Land of the Lost! Congrats Will!

It has received 19 complaints since it was released two weeks ago, with audience members objecting to the coarse language and sexual references featured in the PG rated film. As I noted in my review, I couldn’t believe the film had snuck away with a PG rating.

However, looking down the list at the other complained about films, well…

Watchmen also received 19 complaints since it was released in March due to the film’s violence, sexual references, and notorious sex scene. What objectors may not have realised is that the film is rated MA15+ (any viewer under 15 must be escorted by a parent or adult guardian). That and the fact that the film is a masterpiece mean all objectors are incorrect, and should be further banned from the cinema, forever.

The Bank Job, another MA15+ film, also received seven complaints for its sex scenes. Come on people, aren’t we all adults?

Hilariously, nine complaints were filed for the R-rated My Bloody Valentine 3D, although the complaints were primarily received from underage kids upset about not being let in. You tell ’em kids!

The British Board of Film Classification also released their figures, and revealed that half of all their complaints last year were directed at The Dark Knight. In the UK, the Batman flick could be viewed by anyone over the age of 12. OK, that flick isn’t really recommended for 12 year olds, so I’ll pay that one.

I completely understand why parents would complain about PG films that are saucier than their ratings imply. But who are these clowns complaining about MA15+ films? Not every flick can be Snow Buddies.

Discuss: What films would you have complained about this year? I mean, apart from Transformers 2 and its rampant robot racism.

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