Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks features engorged cast


It’s been a while since we talked about Kevin Smith‘s cop movie A Couple of Dicks. We’ve missed quite a few updates. Sorry ’bout that. Consider this your primer on the upcoming action comedy.

A Couple of Dicks, written by Robb and Marc Cullen, tells the story of a pair of LAPD detectives who must track down a stolen, mint-condition baseball card, rescue a Mexican woman and face off against memorabilia obsessed gangsters. The screenplay featured on the 2008 Blacklist (the most popular unproduced scripts of the year according to Hollywood agents).

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan will star as the two ‘dicks’ of the film’s title. Robin Williams and James Gandolfini were originally slated to star. The film will also feature Ana de la Reguera, Adam Brody, Kevin Pollak and Seann William Scott. Jason Lee and Michelle Trachtenberg have also recently been attached to the cast.

A Couple of Dicks will be Smith’s first film for a major studio AND the first film he directs not based on his own screenplay. There was a rumour that Warner Bros would change the title to A Couple of Cops following the box office failure of Smith’s similarly controversially titled film Zack and Miri Make A Porno. However, WB have confirmed that the original title will remain.

Kevin Smith has been tweeting updates from the set. Regarding the chemistry between Willis and Morgan: “Bruce & Tracy are so good together, you’d think this was the sequel.” Smith has also been uploading plenty of set pictures, like this one alongside Pollak.

I’ve always been a big fan of Smith, and I’m pretty impressed with the cast he’s put together. Finally, a proper film for the inimitable Tracy Morgan!

The film is slated for a February 26th, 2010 release in the U.S. An Australian release will most likely follow soon after.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on Smith’s latest project? Your feelings on him working on a major studio picture; working on someone else’s script etc. Could this be the big hit we all though Zack and Miri was going to be?

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