Michael Jackson joke cut from Bruno

source: ap.com

The Bruno cuts continue, although this one is pretty understandable. An interview between Sacha Baron Cohen‘s flamboyant alter ego and Michael Jackson‘s sister Latoya Jackson has been excised from the theatrical cut of Bruno.

The sequence was originally cut from the film’s Los Angeles premiere last Thursday night, which took place just hours after Michael Jackson was declared dead.

Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles have decided that the sequence will not be included in the film’s worldwide release. A representative from Universal has confirmed that the Australian cut will not feature the sequence.

Here is a description of the scene from The Associated Press:

“Jackson arrives at a contemporary L.A. home under the guise of being interviewed by Bruno… Because there’s no furniture in the house, Bruno asks Jackson to sit on the back of a Mexican laborer, who’s on his hands and knees functioning as a chair. Another man serves as a table with pieces of sushi spread across his naked body.

“Jackson hangs out awhile and politely banters with Bruno, who asks whether she will introduce him to her brother, Michael. She tries to deflect his persistent requests but relents when he asks to see her cell phone — then he finds what is supposedly Michael Jackson’s number and reads it to his assistant in German.”

Cohen isn’t exactly known for his sensitivity, so it’s surprising that he would cut the scene. However, he is all about getting the laugh, and if a Jackson-joke would distract audiences out of the film, then he probably considers the scene deadweight (pun not intended).

Earlier this week we reported that Australia would receive a censored cut of Bruno. You can look forward to all these edited moments in the film’s DVD release.

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