The Arrested Development doco needs your help!


Do you love Arrested Development? Then you’ll love The Arrested Development Documentary Project!

A couple of mad AD fans are producing a self-funded documentary on everyone (well, everyone cool)’s favourite television show.

The untitled documentary is the brainchild of LA natives Neil Lieberman and Jeff Smith, who have set the following manifesto:

The overall goal of the documentary is to provide awareness and education of this brilliant, witty and original comedy. We are looking to interview viewers, cast, crew and any other industry figures that are fans or critics of the show.

Check out the trailer below, featuring interviews with primary cast members including Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambor and Will Arnett, as well as creator Mitch Hurwitz and producer/narrator Ron Howard.

Since the film is self-funded, Neil and Jeff are imploring fans to donate any money possible to their cause. They’ve already charged $20,000 to their credit cards while traveling across the U.S., Canada and even London to interview hardcore fans. Sure, the money would probably be better spent going to some sort of charity, but I’ll leave the final decision up to you.

Check out the trailer, and decide whether or not you’d like a theoretical producer’s credit on the flick!

Looks like a pretty impressive effort so far. Let’s get this 90 minute flick some distribution! Any further press on Arrested Development only drags us closer to that Official Arrested Development movie!

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