What is the greatest movie trilogy ever?

We’re calling you out Quickflixers! We want to know what YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE TRILOGY is! Everyone has one, and we want to know yours!

We’ll take pretty much any suggestion you’ve got. Whether it’s one story stretched out over three films (ie. Lord of the Rings), or three stories featuring the same characters (ie. the first three Indiana Jones flicks). If there have been more than three films in a series, you can suggest the first three or the last three or even the middle three. Hey, it may not even really be a trilogy (see Simon’s fave below).

Hit the comments section and let us know your ALL-TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE TRILOGY!

Some examples, por favor:

DVDman – The Mexico Trilogy

My favourite movie trilogy is Robert Rodriguez’ Mexico trilogy, made up of El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon A Time In Mexico. They are great movies and they also parallel the director’s rise from film school grad with $0 budget to major Hollywood player.

Simon Miraudo – The Vengeance Trilogy

South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy is a bloody and ballsy dive into the murky depths of the revenge-hardened arteries of mankind. Although it’s more of a thematic trilogy (Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Oldboy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance feature three separate tales), Park’s films are insanely addictive watching. How addictive? I’ve devoted an entire year and an Honours Thesis to it. That addictive.

But enough from us. We’re boring! We want to hear from you! Let no Movie Trilogy stone be left unturned! Hit us up in the comments section with your fave!

66 Responses to “What is the greatest movie trilogy ever?”

  1. My top 5 best trilogy's are:STAR WARS EPISODES 1-3. Star Wars was light years ahead of its time, Empire was even better, and though Return of the Jedi was weaker it still had plenty enough good stuff.LORD OF THE RINGS: Obvious, but super worthy.EVIL DEAD: Scary, funny and each as good as the other. TERMINATOR 1,2 & 4: Rhe first was scary & tense. The 2nd kept the pace going & Salvation was gritty as hell.BATMAN: Begins, The Dark Knight & The next one only if Nolan, Bale, Oldman, Caine & Freeman return.

  2. Oh this is a no-brainer…the original Star Wars trilogy. It still stands up well after close to 30 years. Honourable mention to Alien as well.

  3. Has to be the Godfather Trilogy. Even though the 3rd movie sucks arse, 1 and 2 are so awesome they make the 3rd movie stand up enough to make this list (just).

  4. Definitely Lord of the Rings, no doubt.

  5. Kobayashi's "Human Condition" Trilogy'Sadly no longer available on DVD

  6. Three Colours, by Kieslowski. By miles the most visually poetic trilogy in cinema.

  7. Alien trilogy. Alien, Aliens and Alien 3.Star Wars 4,5,6NOT Lord of the Rings, that trilogy should've been a single movie, at best.

  8. Well that is easy Matrix of course

  9. Ice Age! Does that count?

  10. Star Wars – the original and the best. According not only to me, but also my 4-year old and 7-year old sons.

  11. O.K….my number 1 would have to be "STAR WARS" (the 1st three not the new ones, they mostly suck!)…number 2 would be "LORD OF THE RINGS"… Number 3 would be Clint Eastwood starring in "Pale Rider","Unforgiven" & the other one which I think came first but the name escapes me at present (sorry..LOL)…and number 4 would have to be "INDIANA JONES…".

  12. Gorky trilogy. Made beautifully with primitive technology in Russia in the year dot, fantastic black and white photography.

  13. Star Warseasily. LOTR a very close second. First Matrix flick was great, but seriously let down by the follow-ups.

  14. LOTR first and foremost – beautiful, mostly faithful to the book and emotive as all get out!! My second choice: Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 in other words: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.Finally, the movie that should have never been made into a trilogy: The Matrix – fantastic on it's own, damn shame they bothered to ruin it with 2 and 3.

  15. Mine would be a toss up between the Final Destination or Resident Evil trilogies!! nothing like a bit of gore!

  16. Easily it would have to be Lord of the Rings, there was nothing that could have been dine better in those films, well thats my opinion anyway

  17. Has to be LORD OF THE RINGS;Can't count how many times I've watched it.MATRIX next, then STAR WARS.


  19. Alien trilogy (Alien, Aliens & Alien 3) – very ground breaking in terms of look & style, amongst other things. Incredible female lead in the form of Ellen Ripley (in a traditional male lead genre) that had strong influences on many movies in terms of the use of women thereafter.The alien itself has been copied mercilessly (both obviously & subtly) ever since, as it is stunning in it's originality & scariness! Above all, it was a sophisticated (for a big budget action movie) musing on the nature of evil (from our side the aliens seem like pure unadulterated evil,,,from their side, they are simply trying to live their lives & survive & propogate!). This is nicely resolved in the fourth & final Alien Resurrection (even though overall I thought this was the weakest movie, & therefore not part of my trilogy), where Ripley (now impregnated by them & with great understanding of their essential nature) must sacrifice herself, as she knows this alien race simply cannot co-exist with us. All in all, a truly iconic trilogy. I have other faves of course, but this one just moves me the most…

  20. The Jason Bourne movies. Awesome.

  21. Star Wars hands down, followed by the Godfather

  22. Top accolades to Lord of the Rings with original Star Wars Trilogy a close second and Lethal Weapon 1,2&3 and Aliens Trilogy not far behind. I loved Terminator 1&2 (T3 was pretty sucky) but I haven't seen T4 yet though it looks great. If 4 is as good as the first two it would probably pip Star Wars for 2nd place.

  23. Oh dear, how could I possibly forget Shrek?! Absolute tops as no matter how times I've seen it I always feel great afterwards.

  24. LOTR is the best, but the Mad Max trilogy gets an honourable mention.

  25. I think the greatest trilogy ever is the Back To The Future trilogy!

  26. Well My top trilogy's would have to be:1, Star Wars 4-6…1-3 are good but they help 4-6 stand up for even longer2, the Alien trilogy…can't beat those movies for suspense, I still jump..3, the Ring trilogy..there is nothing better than some wholesome Asian horror to scare the bejeezers out of you…4, The lord of the rings trilogy..not to be confused with my number 3..Well that's my thought on the subject… Cheers

  27. LOTR and Pirates of the Carribean are the movies that I've waited and saw in the cinema in the first week of release. So they've got my vote.

  28. Triologies are difficult to pick as few movie makers will stop at three in a successful series. Perhaps it should be best 'movie series' or 'movie sequel'. Anyway, I would have to put the first three DIE HARD movies at the top of my list (not impressed with the others after that). The same goes with the first three INDIANA JONES films. For kids (and big kids!), I would vote for the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy as the most consistently watchable.

  29. Ice Bloc the best ever.

  30. Bring it On 1-3? And there's a third 'Step Up' movie about to come out (in 3D!!). Okay I'm kidding. 🙂 Seriously now, the Alien movies are definitely great, and I actually really liked all three of the Matrix movies, but I just can't think of any trilogy that comes close to Lord of the Rings. Casting, direction, costumes/makeup, action, effects, script, adaptation from the books, and just overall entertainment value – it's a masterwork for Jackson and definitely gets my vote as best trilogy ever.

  31. avourite trilogy = indian art house movies Fire, Water and Earth.magnificent movies.!!! Not exactly mainstream but perhaps they would be if better known.


  33. Probably STAR WARS 4,5 & 6 then THE GODFATHER (the first trilogy I remember and will never forget) and I love PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN.

  34. hard to choose,for action-has to be bourne trilogy,sci fi-aliens,fantasy-lord of the rings,extended versions.

  35. Star Wars 4,5,6The MatrixBack to the FutureDie Hard 1,2,3

  36. oh, and Aliens 1,2,3,resurrection

  37. Without a doubt, The Godfather.

  38. Alien Trilogy…awesome

  39. Not being a fan of action, sci-fi or bloodthirsty movies, my vote has to go to the Back to The Future Movies, followed by Shrek.

  40. Equal 1st – Star Wars 4, 5 + 6, and Lord of the Rings Trilogy(special extended version). 2nd – Pirates of the Caribbean, followed very closely by 4th – The Matrix Trilogy and 5th – The Alien Trilogy(1, 2 + 3) with an honorable mention to Alien 4.

  41. 1. Monty Python: Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Meaning of Life2. Lord of the Rings3. Godfather4. Jason Bourne5. Indiana Jones

  42. Surprised no one has yet mentioned the DOLLARS trilogy -A FISTFUL OF DOLLARSFOR A FEW DOLLARS MORETHE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLYPlus how about John Ford's famous "cavalry" trilogy -RIO GRANDESHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBONFORT APACHE

  43. I adore Star Wars Episodes 4,5,6 – Star Wars, Empire Strikes back, Return Of The Jedi, I also love the first three Indiana Jones movies, the first three Terminator movies, but probably by far, I would have to go with the Godfather trilogy.The fact that the end was obviously planned from the start, the incredible acting that is portrayed by these remarkable actors, make this the most memorable trilogy ever produced.

  44. Lord of The Rings – hands down. You will not find a more down to earth almost direct copy of the books anywhere (extended version only – not cinamatic)

  45. oops I forgot Final Destination – I loved those three movies, so original. Third one the best. I agree with the other person who commented on Final Destination Trilogy, next to Godfather…

  46. I cant believe anyone who is serious about movies can compare Shrek, Back to the Future, and some of the poop mentioned, pleeese, like Hullooo! They are hardly classical movies! Well here goes, not necessarily in order.Red Dragon,Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal, Best villian ever, Hannibal Lecter.LOTR, Brilliant screenplay, sheer genius, Peter Jackson take a bow.Alien, 1,2 & 3, Sigourney Weaver, fantastic.Best Horror movie.Terminator 1,2 & 4.Die Hard, 1-4,Godfather 1-3Bourne TrilogyStar Wars, initial moviesClint Eastwoods Spaghetti WesternsA FISTFUL OF DOLLARSFOR A FEW DOLLARS MORETHE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY. The best Western made. Best theme song too.

  47. Harry Potter… 🙂

  48. Without a doubt, the best trilogy ever is The Matrix Trilogy;The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions

  49. It's a no brainer- LOTR wins hands down, with fresh air second & third.

  50. I understand that people would say that the original Star Wars Trilogy (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) would be their favourite, but if they are such BIG fans, then why don't they realise that this is NOT "Star Wars 1-3" but is actually Star Wars Episode 4, 5 and 6.As for my favourite trilogies:The MatrixBack to the FutureJawsTerminatorNightmare on Elm StreetOk ok. So Back to the Future isn't everyone's cup of tea, but 20 years ago, when I was a teenager, I was in LOVE with Michael J Fox!!! ha ha ha

  51. the Lord of the Rings is my best triology

  52. I can't believe no one has said the "Never ending story trilogy" haha!

  53. The Jason Bourne movies are great, and I liked the Superman ones with Christopher Reeve. Wonder if we should mention Austin Powers shagging with his goldmember??!!

  54. Pretty much already been said by everyone, but I think mine would be:1. LOTR2. Back to the Future TrilogyAnd even though the third one hasn't come out yet, with the first two already being amazing – and Pixar's track record – it would have to be3. Toy Story!:-)Oh, I actually love the three Spiderman movies, as well.

  55. My opinion is that a trilogy must have some common thread to the story, and adding a "2" or a "3" to the title doesnt make it a trilogy. So as much as I love Indiana Jones, I dont think it counts since they are stand alone movies just with the same character, same goes for Shrek. If it didnt then people would be putting in movies like Police Acadamy. So, for mine, movies that are a trilogy are those that you need to watch all of them to understand the whole story, and the best are:Star Wars, Bourne, The Godfather, The Matrix and Lord of the Rings. All equal but with Star Wars poking its head up a little

  56. Kieslowski's "Three Colours" films. No contest.

  57. 1. On our selection.2. Dad and Dave come to town3. Grandad Rudd 4. Dad Rudd, M.P.

  58. What a great thread! There have been a lot of good trilogies, but really, only a few GREAT ones. I agree with Simon about the Vengeance trilogy, and Bourne was certainly a fabulous hero (but how are they ever related to the books?). Godfather was awe inspiring, until No3, but for 3 movies that contained everything across the board it can only be Sergio Leone's masterpiece, with the Man With No Name. Err, Clint Eastwood.

  59. Back To The Future – for sure!!!

  60. "Lord of The Rings" did it for me.

  61. DIE HARD triolgy wins hands down -each one good and stands up as a good action movie on its own.

  62. heres one from left field…the SNIPER trilogy with Tom Beringer…great stuff

  63. Absolutely hands down Terminator "I'll be back!!!" and I think they are for real now with the new soldier robots coming !Asta la vista baby!Lyn

  64. Back to the Future is my all time fave, then The Grudge, closely followed by The Final Destinations.

  65. For me BOURNE TRILOGY number one and Terminator same place. Bourne series 100% "numero uno" as SPY category film !!bonus

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