Let The Right One In remake still going ahead

source: latimesblog.com

Cloverfield-director Matt Reeves has spoken to the LA Times about his upcoming remake of Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In.

The remake was officially announced last year as the original flick burned its way across international screens grabbing acclaim across the world. It tells the story of 12-year-old Oskar and his best friend/vampire mistress Eli.

Reeves has revealed a couple of details about the English-language remake to the Times.

The picture, renamed Let Me In, will still be a close adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Swedish novel. It will be set in Reagan-era Colorado. Casting director Avy Kaufman (The Sixth Sense, Lemony Snicket) has been hired to employ two twelve-year old leads. Reeves has assured fans of the original that the characters will not be ‘aged-up’ to emulate a Twilight-style romance. This is good news, because Twilight is an awful, awful film.

The film was originally headed for a January 2010 release date, but has since been pushed to late 2010. Slashfilm suggests this might open the possibility of an Oscar push. Well, seeing that every film will soon be nominated for Best Picture, maybe there is some room in the winners circle for Let Me In.

In my opinion, Let The Right One In is one of the true masterpieces of the past decade. It’s a brilliantly subdued and chillingly creepy drama, and it features one of the most brutal and shocking endings of all time. Original director Tomas Alfredson wasn’t afraid of letting the film take its time to build terror. Understandably, there is little faith that American producers would be similarly patient.

However, I also think that Cloverfield is one of the best blockbusters of the past few years. It brought something genuinely new to the genre, and took the time to get to know its lead characters (even if they were narcissistic billionaire twenty-something’s). I will eagerly look forward to Reeves’ future projects, and perhaps he can treat the LTROI property with the right amount of respect. Worst case scenario, he brings the original film into the consciousness of mainstream audiences.

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