Aussie to star in Let The Right One In remake?


Aussie star Kodi Smit-McPhee (Romulus, My Father) is in the running to star in the American remake of the brilliant Swedish vampire flick Let The Right One In.

In an interview with The Herald Sun, the young AFI-award winner revealed he was in contention to play young Owen (Oskar in the original).

The remake will be called Let Me In and will be directed by Cloverfield-helmer Matt Reeves.

Although the deal isn’t set in stone, Smit-McPhee is possibily one of the most exciting 13-year-old actors working today. Plus he’s Australian. Why wouldn’t they cast him?

This is also good news for fans of the original flick who feared the character’s would be ‘aged-up’, to compete with the angsty vampires of the Twilight series.

Check out our full report on the Let The Right One In remake here!

Smit-McPhee will next be seen in the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s epic novel The Road. Let Me In is slated for early 2010.

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