Funny People viral smorgasbord!


The Funny People viral marketing campaign has spun into overdrive, with promotional websites and videos set up for Judd Apatow‘s latest movie.

The potential Oscar contender stars Adam Sandler as terminally ill comedian George Simmons, who is determined to set his life on the right track before checking out for good. This includes reuniting with ‘the one that got away’ (Leslie Mann) and inspiring his young protégé Ira (Seth Rogen).

First up we have a brand new Red Band trailer for the picture. It’s interesting how this trailer plays down the illness plot point, and focuses on the nutty antics of the film’s stand-up comedians.

Check it out, and let us know what you think! Warning: This is a Red Band clip, so look out for some salty language.

Next we have the official George Simmons website which features clips and posters for some of his, ahem, illustrious films.

To be completely fair, a lot of these films look better than some of Sandler’s actual movies. Check out the clip for the baby-body flick Re-Do, co-starring Justin Long. Click the below image to watch the clip!

We’ve also got an Electronic Press Kit for the television show Yo Teach. The clip features Jason Schwartzman, who plays one of Rogen’s friends in Funny People.

Once again, this television show actually looks insanely watchable. Sh-sh-sh-Shakespeare!

Finally, we have some official stand-up clips from the nasty comedian/Ira’s nemesis RAAAAAAAAAANDY! Warning: features raunchy language and sexual references.

Randy is actually the brilliant Aziz Ansari. No one can make a naughty word sound as funny as Ansari can. No one.

It’s great to see so much effort go into a film’s marketing campaign. It feels less like we’re being sold the film and more like Apatow is fleshing out the universe of his film.

Now Judd, please get onto that Re-Do sequel, preferably starring RAAAAAAAAAANDY!

Funny People opens September 10th, 2009 in Australia.

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