Quickflix’s Top 10 movie trilogies are…

We asked for your opinion, and boy did we get it. Our readers let us know what their favourite movie trilogy was, and now we’d like to debut our official Top 10. Kick it!

There were plenty of votes, some obvious (see below), some unexpected (is the Final Destination trilogy really that good?). Check out our top 10 and let us know what you agree with and what you disagree with. Most importantly, make sure you’ve seen each and every one! What kind of film buff would you be otherwise anyway?!

10. The Indiana Jones Trilogy

9. The Die Hard Trilogy

8. The Terminator Trilogy

7. The Jason Bourne Trilogy

6. The Godfather Trilogy

5. The Back to the Future Trilogy

4. The Matrix Trilogy

3. The Alien Trilogy

2. The Star Wars Trilogy

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Discuss: How close did our readers get it? Personally, I think they were a little too kind to The Matrix trilogy, but hey, its their decision!

5 Responses to “Quickflix’s Top 10 movie trilogies are…”

  1. I think the list is great ,would have put Aliens before Star Wars on my own list ,but all my trilogy favs are on the list .Great Job!!!!

  2. Once a trilogy has a fourth film, don't they become a quadrilogy, and thus, not a trilogy? So, shouldn't Die Hard, Indiana Jones and Alien be exempt? I think Star Wars counts because the six films are two trilogies. Discuss…

  3. Excellent point; however, in this poll, voters were allowed to pretend that certain films never happened (ie. Die Hard 4, Indy 4, Alien Res').I personally think that Die Hard 4 is a better film than Die Hard 2, and that Alien Res is better than Alien 3 – but hey, the public have spoken.I wonder if the results of such a poll would be different if it were about GREATEST FILM SERIES – we'd probably see more votes for James Bond, Halloween etc.

  4. Ahhh, okay I see… I would be interested to see the difference in the outcome if quadrilogies were not allowed in the trilogy vote. I would have liked to have seen Rodriguez's Mexican trilogy or the Evil Dead or Three Colours trilogy get a guernsey!

  5. Nice list, but I would have put the Star Wars original trilogy first cos it revolutionized movies in a much bigger way than Lord of the Rings did. I'd also put the Indy films closer to 5th (just my humble opinion of course; spot the old school Lucas fan).

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