Head to Head – Shrek

Welcome to the final installment of Head to Head (well, final installment as you know it). Every week our Quickflix critics enter into a relentlessly bloody battle to the death based on the merits of a particular film. This week, our critics go for the endgame fatality over DreamWorks Animation hit film Shrek.

DVDman will argue FOR the film and Simon Miraudo will argue AGAINST it. Let us know in the comments who you agree with! Let the bloodshed begin!

DVDman – 4/5

Trying to defend a DreamWorks picture to someone who would marry Pixar if he could almost seems pointless, but I know we have plenty of discerning readers/viewers out there who can appreciate the change Dreamworks brought about with the Shrek series. Following so many years of repeatedly watching recycled Disney films, parents were refreshed to find they could enjoy these films alongside their children, instead of resenting the hours spent in the cinema. If you’re trying to use a couple of low-brow jokes thrown in the mix to discredit these films, then you can’t leave out the Pixar films as these jokes have become a standard across children’s films simply as a way of keeping parents interested. Shrek deals with issues of identity, alienation, and the concept of feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin despite outward appearances, as well as many other pertinent issues. I don’t recall Pixar trying to improve anyone’s sense of self, but I am pretty sure they know how to generate massive profits; I guess that improves someone’s life.

The success of Shrek kicked off possibly the most interminable genre of cinema from the last decade – the animated film full of adult jokes and pop culture references. Unable to match the heart of vintage-Disney and the intelligence and wit of Pixar, Dreamworks have made it their business to pander to lowest-common denominator jokes, tired cinematic references and thinly-disguised sexual innuendo intended to keep bored parents from nodding off. Shrek isn’t the worst offender, but it’s certainly the victim of its own snarky sarcasm and tired fart jokes. There are salvageable elements (Murphy’s hilarious Donkey; Lithgow’s Eisner-aping Lord Farquard), but Shrek is time-stamped in a big way – good luck enjoying this in 10 years time DVDman.

Now you must decide where your allegiance stands for the final time in the epic battle between DVDman and Simon Miraudo. Let us know! Choose your side! There can only be one winner!!!

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6 Responses to “Head to Head – Shrek”

  1. Sometimes the world needs fart jokes from a green freak. DVDmans got my vote today.

  2. it's a great movie to watch as i watch it with my kids and have fun and laugh great move

  3. DVDMan you got my vote. Shrek is the best classic in modern era by a long shot. Common man who is having dare of creating something where kids leave barbie and dora and look at something different my 6 year old watches Shrek as her best movie…So for me. Shrek Rocks!

  4. I went to see the movie with an ADULT friend and I'm a little over 30 years old. I really enjoyed so what does that say about me Simon?! I'm with DVDman on this one.

  5. DVDman's got my vote too. The third one may have been pretty ordinary, but the first one is a classic and the second one was entertaining. If you want to slag off a modern animated film that's hugely overrated try Cars!

  6. Months late, but Simon's got my vote.

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