Take on our Quickflix reviewers and WIN!

Quickflixers, we’re calling you out! And we’re calling you out in A BIG, BAD WAY!!!

You can win FREE MOVIE TICKETS by sending us mini-reviews of the movies you love (or love to hate)! Any film is on the table. Nothing is off limits. Be brave! Be daring! Be controversial! Defend the film’s no one else will, or cut down some tall poppies that always get a free ride!

Tell us why Citizen Kane is overrated malarkey. Explain why Norbit is the best film of the decade. Convince us that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen doesn’t really, really suck.

The best and most convincing reviews will be published on the Quickflix Blog in our regular Head to Head feature. One of our Quickflix Critics (either the charmingly handsome Simon Miraudo or the bitter wildcard DVDman) will argue against you, and the winner will be selected by the Quickflix community!

But don’t freak out! Win or lose, if your review is selected for publication, we’ll send you FREE MOVIE TICKETS to the latest cinema releases!

So what are you waiting for! Email us with your mini-review (no more than 150 words) and a picture of yourself (optional, but please do!) and you can find yourself the victor of Australia’s fiercest, most-brutal showdown since Thunderdome.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this just got real.

Send your reviews to us here!

2 Responses to “Take on our Quickflix reviewers and WIN!”

  1. I recently saw "The Hangover", and must admit I was nervous heading into the Norwood Cinema. Unknown cast, ho hum, another bucks show story. But, how wrong can you be! It was a pleasant surprise. To see a movie with an original script. A lot of belly laughs and at the end, one very satisfied customer. I especially loved the scene where the pussy whipped dentist justifies his bitchy girlfriends affair on a cruise. I wont give the line away, look if you enjoy a good laugh and a entertaining night out, do yourself a favour. Watch the hangover, it is a hoot!!!Greg Ranger, Quickflix member!!!

  2. Haha, cheers Greg. We've actually had a massive response over the last few days, so cheers everyone! If you have a short review, please email it to us (and don't be afraid to get snarky!)

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