Don Draper’s drowning! Mad Men season 3 poster debut!


The poster for Season 3 of Mad Men has debuted, and it’s one of the best promotional images I’ve ever seen. And not just because Jon Hamm is one handsome dude.

Now unless the Madison Avenue offices of Stirling Cooper have fallen victim to one of the worst plumbing disasters in history, we can assume that the above image is a metaphorical representation of Don Draper’s psyche. Or maybe Season 3 will genuinely be taking on a Poseidon-style shift in direction. I bet this was Campbell’s doing! You better not touch a hair on Peggy’s head Campbell!!!

The season 2 DVD of Mad Men doesn’t land until August 19th, but you’ll have to take my word that it’s just as good as the first season. Mad Men is easily the best drama on television and considering how season 2 wraps up, it’s no wonder that Don Draper feels as if the water is rising.

Over at The New Yorker there is a great write-up on the marketing of Mad Men, where they run through some of the alternate poster concepts:

“Draper at an office party (“too kitschy”), Draper trapped on an ice floe (“too obvious”), Draper getting sucked into a vortex (“too end-of-the-world”).”

I don’t know about you but I would literally kill a man to see that last poster.

Anyway, if you haven’t been following Mad Men, catch up now lest everyone you love abandon you in shame.

Discuss: Is Mad Men really the best drama on television? What are the other contenders?

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