Nicolas "Wicker Man" Cage in Green Hornet?


Nicolas Cage is in early talks to portray a gangster villain in the The Green Hornet.

As reported previously, Cameron Diaz is also in negotiations to play the love-interest alongside star Seth Rogen. Although little is known about her character, she is supposedly a reporter.

The Green Hornet screenplay was written by Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg. Rogen will star as billionaire playboy/vigilante avenger Britt Reid.

The role of Kato (Reid’s bodyguard) is yet to be cast.

Michel Gondry stepped up to helm the project after Stephen Chow left the director’s chair late last year.

Check out our full Green Hornet report here!

Discuss: I am a big fan of Nicolas Cage, but it’s not exactly controversial to say his career has been on the slide of late (although I will defend Knowing to the grave). Is this just another notch on his bedpost of shame, or could he actually make a fun villain?

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