Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft movie?


I’m still wetting myself over the mind-snapping awesomeness of Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me To Hell as I write this article, so forgive me if it seems overly enthusiastic. AICN are adamant that Raimi has been hired to direct a live-action adaptation of the hit MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Back in 2007, Blizzard announced their plans for a World of Warcraft film, which would supposedly take place one year before the game. Legendary Pictures (who brought us great, ballsy films like The Dark Knight, Watchmen and Observe and Report) were set to produce.

Although there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the trades, AICN are certain we will see Legendary Pictures and Blizzard make an announcement later this week.

The WOW movie would not begin production until Raimi wraps up Spiderman 4 late next year.

So, the idea of Raimi making a film for Legendary Pictures is exciting enough. The thing is … I don’t know the first thing about World of Warcraft. Literally, nada.

If anyone asks (and until I find out what WOW actually is) I’m officially “tentatively excited.”

Discuss: If there are any WOW fans out there (and don’t be ashamed, I know there are a bunch of you) please let us know what your thoughts are on this project. Is Raimi a good fit?

5 Responses to “Sam Raimi directing World of Warcraft movie?”

  1. If this movie ever sees the light of day, then opening night will see the biggest nerdgasm that the world has ever known!Having said that, I can't wait to see the computer game of this movie …

  2. I have yet to see a good game-to-movie transition. This one will be disappointing too.Movie producers just paste the characters of a game on top of a bland, generic, by-the-numbers action movie and think that will satisfy fans. They bring nothing new to the table. A movie is exciting when you don't know what's going to happen, when interesting tensions arise that that explore character relationships, or when you learn things about characters that add to their flavour, not just because you're seeing your favourite characters walking around inside a movie.I'd rather see an Animatrix-style collection of fan interpretations of WOW, because they'd actually have some creativity and passion for the subject, and not be driven by a desire to mush WOW into something non-fans can enjoy too by cutting out anything non-fans wouldn't understand and therefore making the movie non-unique to everything else on the market.Game-to-movie transitions tend to pick mundane aspects of a game (like a particular battle) and overdramatise them and spend to much time making them "epic", when it's really the character interactions in many games that make them interesting. And also, prequels stink, unless they're going to reveal a huge, intelligent twist of plot that no one knew about. Most movie producers only use prequels to show what the characters looked like before, but that's not worth devoting a whole movie to.

  3. I think Guillermo Del Toro would be a better fit as he is more apt at bringing fantasy storylines to life.

  4. This could be very good (Drag Me to Hell, Spiderman 2), very very bad (Spiderman 3, Hercules: The Legend Continues), or very very campy (Cleopatra 2525). I'm kinda holding my breath! 😀runescape money

  5. WoW is a leviathan in gaming, period. The number of players, size of game world and by no means least, the cash income for Blizzard.Sadly, unless Sam plays the game he'll likely whore himself and not care about the piece. Warcraft lore has so much depth, they'll never appeal to every fan of the series – but if they manage to trawl all those raid bosses and the masses of artwork in Blizzard's development archives, they might manage to piece a watchable story together.The biggest challenge is reaching the the non-gamer populace – compromises made to bridge that divide will probably alienate the gamers anyway. Here's hoping!

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