Commissioner Gordon claims Dark Knight sequel starts shooting next year


COMIC CON! It’s a Comic Con update blitz today as we report on the biggest stories to come out of San Diego’s legendary geek-gasmic festival.

After The Dark Knight grossed a zillion dollars at the box office, the rumour mill sprung into action about the potential villains for the sequel. Of course, no sequel had actually been confirmed. Director Christopher Nolan had not (and as far as we know, has not) signed on to work on another Batman film and we decided not to entertain any more rumours until we had some facts. Well, this is good enough I suppose.

At The Book of Eli presentation at Comic Con, star Gary Oldman was asked what the position on the potential Dark Knight sequel was. He responded:

“The next batman is next year, so I think it is two years away. But you didn’t hear it from me.”

Now it wouldn’t take a genius to guess that the inevitable sequel would start filming within the next two years. Nolan is currently filming his sci-fi thriller Inception, so a 2010 start date sounds pretty likely.

However, I don’t know Chris Nolan. Gary Oldman does. So I would call him a more reliable source than myself.

Obviously we will report any official confirmations in the coming weeks/months/decades.

UPDATE: Quint from Aint It Cool News has spoken to Oldman about the claim, and it seems the actor has recanted slightly. He said that he’s sure Warner Bros will want to make one in the next 2 or 3 years. Hrm…

Discuss: Do we still want a sequel to The Dark Knight? I mean, I still love that movie, so it’s a “yes” from me. But what do you think?

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