Quick! Have sex! There’s something in the woods!

source: impawards.com

A bunch of teaser posters for the upcoming Joss Whedon-scripted horror film The Cabin in the Woods have debuted, poking fun at a couple of iconic scary-movie tropes.

Although the film has been produced and written by Whedon, co-writer Drew Goddard was handed the directorial reigns.

Goddard has previously written episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel for Whedon, as well as episodes for J.J. Abrams‘ shows Lost and Alias. He also wrote the screenplay for the Abrams produced monster flick Cloverfield.

Although little is known about the project at this point, it seems clear from the posters that Whedon will apply his trademark humour to the traditional horror genre. Can it top Drag Me To Hell in the funny/scary stakes? We’ll have to wait until February 2010 to find out.

The Cabin in the Woods features movie hunks Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford, alongside Underbelly star Anna Hutchison and Thor himself Chris Hemsworth.

Discuss: Is it fair to assume this will be better than the non-Whedon affiliated Buffy movie?

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