Alien prequel to be directed by Ridley Scott!


Ridley Scott has signed up to direct the upcoming prequel to Alien.

Ridley’s brother Tony Scott previously confirmed the prequel was in development back in June.

At that time, The Brothers Scott were slated to produce while commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was tipped to direct.

It looks as if Fox Studios weren’t happy with handing their franchise to a newbie, so veteran Scott has jumped into the director’s seat.

Scott directed the original Alien back in 1979. The upcoming prequel will focus on how the aliens were originally found and how they were created. It does not yet have a release date.

Discuss: Are we happy to see Scott taking over the Alien prequel? Are people even interested in this movie?

One Response to “Alien prequel to be directed by Ridley Scott!”

  1. Interested? Hell Yeah, I love these movies! Ridley is the MAN, so it's gonna be good! – Well as least it should be….The 1st one was awesome, so you'd expect this Prequal to be just as good as that. Can't wait to see a trailer.

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