Is Jeremy Renner the new Mad Max?


The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner is in consideration to star in George Miller’s potential Mad Max sequel.

In an interview with his hometown paper The Modesto Bee, the indie star mentioned in passing that he was “fighting to do the new Mad Max film with George Miller.

Now here is what we know about any potential Mad Max sequel:

1. A fourth installment of the series starring Mel Gibson was almost set to shoot in 2003, until the Iraq War led to a collapse in financing.

2. Earlier this year, Miller told MTV that he intended to bring an R-rated anime version of Mad Max to cinemas. He stated that Gibson would not voice Max and that it would take about two years before we saw a cartoon Road Warrior in action.

Renner said the project would begin shooting mid-2010, which would fit into Miller’s schedule. However, Renner doesn’t mention anything about it being animated.

I’m screen-testing and meeting George Miller,” he told The Bee.

Is it possible that Miller has changed his mind, or is Renner simply in the running to provide the voice?

So, as you can see, we don’t have any real solid news here. But who says we can’t talk about it!

I think Renner is one of the more exciting young actors working today, and I cannot wait to catch The Hurt Locker when it hits cinemas later this year. To be honest though, an animated Mad Max movie doesn’t sound too appealing to me. I wasn’t much of a fan of Miller’s Happy Feet, and the idea of the normally excellent director returning to his worst genre is very unattractive.

Discuss: Firstly, how do you feel about an animated Mad Max movie? Secondly, how do you feel about Renner potentially taking over from Mel in a live-action sequel?

4 Responses to “Is Jeremy Renner the new Mad Max?”

  1. Could not agree more. Mad Max is iconic and should get another go. There has been a bit of time between the last one now and I think this helps with sequel's. A cartoon version would be crapola I would be excited to see a new Mad Max but if animated would not see it at all.

  2. I HATE the idea of a cartoon. This is George's chance to have Max make a come-back, a la Gran Torino style. Mel would be perfect as the aging Max, but with some serious charisma, and I bet he can still drive that car up and down the highway, leathers and all. I think it's about time Australia had it's own aging hero, but… can Mel still do the Aussie accent?

  3. I totally agree with what "Art Surgery" said – Mel Gibson is still a hottie – look at the sex appeal Sean Connery has at his age. I'd pay top dollar to see Gibbo put on his leathers again. Mad Max is for adults – Keep the cartoons for Saturday mornings.

  4. Another remake from dieing Hollywood? all you can hope too achieve in these kind of remakes is not to destroy the classics they originate from.

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