Heath Ledger’s final film trailer debut!

source: traileraddict.com

The first trailer for Heath Ledger‘s final film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus has finally debuted online. The film had its premiere at Cannes earlier this year, where it was received with mixed reviews.

Imaginarium is directed by King of the Oddballs Terry Gilliam. It stars Christopher Plummer as the 1,000-year-old Doctor Parnassus. The doctor purchases a magical mirror from The Devil (Tom Waits); a mirror which leads into a world beyond reality. The Devil eventually comes to collect his payment: Parnassus’ daughter (Lily Cole). It is left up to mysterious outsider Tony (Heath Ledger) to venture through the mirror to save her.

Although Ledger died before filming could be completed, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp were hired to portray the “alternate-reality” versions of Tony.

The trailer gives us our first look at Law, Farrell and Depp in action. Check it out and let us know what you think!

http://www.traileraddict.com/emd/13094Well, you can’t deny that it looks interesting. Imaginarium shares the expected Gilliam flourishes and it should be a visual delight to behold on the big screen.

It’s a shame that this film will be burdened with the expectation of being ‘Heath Ledger’s final film’, but it’s inescapable. There is something oddly disturbing about seeing Ledger say “nothing’s permanent, not even death.” (UPDATE: 11/08/09 – As the readers point out, it is actually Johnny Depp saying this line. My bad!)

IMDB currently states that The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus will be released in Australia on October 29th. Consider this “pending” until confirmed.

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2 Responses to “Heath Ledger’s final film trailer debut!”

  1. "There is something oddly disturbing about seeing Ledger say "nothing's permanent, not even death." I think that was Johnny Depp not Ledger.

  2. Ahh, so it is!Still – its kinda weird.

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