The Green Hornet gets its Kato!


Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou has nabbed the role of Kato in the upcoming Michel Gondry-directed action flick The Green Hornet.

He will star as the famous bodyguard of billionaire playboy/vigilante avenger Britt Reid (A.K.A. The Green Hornet). Reid will be played by writer/star Seth Rogen.

A worldwide search was conducted to find the perfect actor to portray the iconic character made famous by Bruce Lee. Stephen Chow was originally slated to star as Kato back when he was still listed as director. However, he dropped out of both positions last December.

Chou previously starred in Curse of the Golden Flower. He has also released a whole bunch of successful albums in Taiwan.

According to Hollywood Snitch, Edward James Olmos will also join the cast in an unverified role.

However, Olmos confirmed that the film will also star Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz. It was known that writer/producers Rogen and Evan Goldberg were actively pursuing Cage and Diaz, but their casting had not yet been officially confirmed.

Cage will star as the film’s villain, while Diaz will portray Rogen’s love interest.

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