Stone Bros. trailer debut!


The trailer for the new Australian film Stone Bros. has debuted online, and it looks like we might have a local-Pineapple Express on our hands.

The film stars Luke Carroll and Leon Burchill as cousins who attempt to reconnect to their Aboriginal heritage. However, their spiritual quest is interrupted by an Italian sex-God, a failed drag singer and a demonic dog. Oh, and plenty of Mary Jane.

Click the image below to check out the trailer!

It’s been a big year for Australian films, but we haven’t really seen any local comedies. So here’s hoping that Stone Bros gets some attention when it hits cinemas next month.

Stone Bros. is directed by Richard J. Frankland. It debuts September 24th.

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2 Responses to “Stone Bros. trailer debut!”

  1. This trailer rocks! Stone the crows! Heard the movie is awesome.

  2. Its a truly deadly movie !!!I am one in a handful to have already seen the whole movie !! can't wiat till it hits the big screen .

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