White Chicks 2 set to answer questions raised in White Chicks 1

source: thr.com

Ah, Hollywood. You really do spoil us don’t you? The Wayans Brothers are developing a sequel to their hit 2004 film White Chicks.

Marlon and Shawn Wayans are set to reprise their roles as undercover FBI agents in the film, which will be directed by brother Keenan Ivory. The three of them are currently writing the ‘super-secret’ screenplay.

For those of you unaware of the genius of White Chicks, it basically hinged on the concept of two black men pretending to be young white socialites. Genius! Unfortunately, they didn’t so much look like white chicks as they did a couple of Stretch Armstrong dolls. In fact, it was the worst impression of a white woman since Michael Jackson! (Too soon?)

We’ll report the disturbing details as they emerge.

Discuss: OK, so instead of pretending to be white chicks, who can they impersonate in the sequel? Chinese dudes? Iranian kids? Little men? Oh wait…

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