Michael Cera grows a moustache?! Youth in Revolt trailer debut!

source: traileraddict.com

According to the trailer for Michael Cera‘s new film Youth in Revolt, the chameleonic young actor has continued to hone his craft by growing a moustache. Oscar, anyone?

I kid, of course. Michael Cera is one of my favourite actors and from the looks of his latest film he does seem to be trying something different (although I was totally happy for him to keep doing his awkward-teen shtick until he was well into his forties).

Cera stars as Nick Twisp, a nervous young man who meets the girl of his dreams. When he realises that she isn’t interested in his bookish smarts, he develops a rebellious alter-ego that turns the lives of everyone around him upside down.

Check out the trailer to see Cera in all his ‘tashed glory!


Seeing Cera try something different gives me even more faith in his upcoming film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, in which he will be required to play an arrogant, slightly dim yet incredibly lovable action hero. And before y’all get snarky, whenever people argue that Cera can only play one role, I always direct them here.

Youth in Revolt is directed by Miguel Arteta and also stars Zach Galifianakis, Justin Long, Steve Buscemi and Portia Doubleday. It opens in the U.S. on October 30th, with an Australian release to follow. More details once a local release date has been announced.

Discuss: Where do you sit on the Cera scale? Happy to see him bring George Michael Bluth to life time and time again?

One Response to “Michael Cera grows a moustache?! Youth in Revolt trailer debut!”

  1. Ah michael cera strikes again. I really do like him in all his roles, and this one looks different in a good wayI am now kind of worried now that ive seen the trailer that its given away most of the freaking plot! Gah! Hate that. Still, will see the movie.

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