Scorcese’s Shutter Island delayed until February!

Paramount have delayed the release of Martin Scorcese‘s thriller Shutter Island until February 2010.

The film was originally set to debut early October. According to Nikke Finke at Hollywood Daily, Paramount told the filmmakers that they could not afford to spend the $50/$60 million necessary to market Scorcese’s flick in 2009. She also adds that star Leonardo DiCaprio would not be available to promote the film until early next-year.

While Shutter Island may have lost its plum awards-consideration position in October, it should be noted that its new release date is the same as that given to The Silence of the Lambs in 1991. The Hannibal Lecter-flick went on to take home the Best Picture Oscar in 1992. With the Best Picture field expanding to 10 nominees, Paramount hopes that Shutter Island will still be in voters’ minds during Oscar-season 2011.

Shutter Island is set in the summer of 1954. Two U.S. Marshals (DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo) travel to the Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane on the titular island to investigate the whereabouts of an escaped, murderous patient. You can check out the trailer here.

Shutter Island also stars Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams, Jackie Earle Haley, Emily Mortimer, Max Von Sydow, Patricia Clarkson and John Carrol Lynch. It opens in Australian cinemas February 18th, 2010.

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One Response to “Scorcese’s Shutter Island delayed until February!”

  1. This sucks! Have been looking forward to seeing this ever since I saw the preview for it 😦

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