The House of the Devil has the best horror trailer of 09!


Well this is a very, very pleasant surprise. The blogosphere is going crazy over the indie horror flick The House of the Devil – and I can’t help but jump on the bandwagon with glee!

The House of the Devil takes place during the 1980’s and tells the story of a cash-strapped student who agrees to babysit a mysterious house. Predictably, the house is not baby-sitter friendly.

The Ti West directed film debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and received some strong reviews. NYMag today debuted the film’s incredibly beautiful poster – a genuinely attractive throwback to the exploitation horror flicks of the 80’s (see: The Last House on the Left).

The House of the Devil debuts in the U.S. on October 30th in the U.S. It’s unlikely that it will receive a theatrical release in Australia, but we’ll keep you updated on the ways in which you can catch it in the near future.

Check out the phenomenal trailer and let us know your thoughts!

I. Love. This. Trailer. Sure, it may be a fairly on-the-nose tribute to the films of the great Italian directors Dario Argento and Mario Bava. But when a trailer is as scary as this one is, the comparisons feel worthy.

Discuss: Terrifying? Cheesy? Terrifyingly cheesy?

One Response to “The House of the Devil has the best horror trailer of 09!”

  1. same as all the other horror crapola that we have been seeing lately – how about these people stop trying to make these movies and move on to something that they might actually be able to do well.. the univited, the unborn.. yawn yawn yawn…

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