Whip It – Juno 2: Roller Boogaloo?

source: slashfilm.com

Slashfilm have the official poster for the Drew Barrymore-directed roller derby flick Whip It. It stars Ellen Page as “an indie-rock loving misfit”. Hmm, sound familiar?

Page stars as an outcast Texan named Bliss Cavender who finds an escape from her small-town malaise by joining a roller-derby league.

We weren’t completely blown away by the trailer when it debuted earlier this month. However, I’m willing to give the film the benefit of the doubt. It features a killer cast, including Zoe Ball, Kristen Wiig and Marcia Gay Harden. It also tackles a fairly unique subject.

It just felt as if the trailer is trying to position this movie as something it’s not – namely, a spiritual sequel to that other Ellen Page flick Juno. After all, that movie was kind of successful.

Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts!


Whip It is based on the book Derby Girl by Shauna Cross. It is the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore. It opens in Australia October 8th.

Discuss: Does Whip It seem like refried Juno, or could it connect to young women in as meaningful a way as that Oscar-winning film did back in ’07?

3 Responses to “Whip It – Juno 2: Roller Boogaloo?”

  1. As a Referee for the Newcastle Roller Derby League, and a follower of the Roller Derby Revival in general… I think I speak for all the girls and guys involved with this great sport when I say bring it on! Comparing this movie to Juno just because it stars the same actress is stupid. Predator was nothing like Kindergarden Cop. This is hopefully gonna be our movie! Remember, if you can't play nice… PLAY DERBY!

  2. Hey I agree, I don't think this movie will be like Juno at all; but I think Fox Searchlight are trying to sell it like New Juno, which is why the trailer feels … not so great. Still – looking forward to it!

  3. This movie looks great. I love movies that show that chicks can be tough too. I would join the world of roller derby tomorrow – if only i had an ounce of coordination!

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