Stare at goats! Kill the goats! The Men Who Stare At Goats trailer debut!


If you ever wondered if you could kill a goat with your mind, then The Men Who Stare At Goats has the answer. The trailer for the Grant Heslov-directed feature film has landed and it tells a story too strange NOT to be true.

Ewan McGregor stars as Bob Wilton, a reporter who investigates the top-secret American military unit that is intent on developing mind-control powers for ‘psychic spying’. Lyn Cassady (George Clooney) takes Wilton through his 20-year involvement in the unit and each of the bizarre tasks he participated in.

Grant Heslov received two Oscar nominations for co-writing and producing Clooney’s fantastic Good Night and Good Luck. It’s nice to see him step into the director’s chair for this latest feature. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think!
Looks like a blend of Burn After Reading and Syriana, so I’m psyched! Also glad to see Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges (who star(e) as fellow American officers) working in comedy again.

Although I’ve always been dubious of McGregor’s American accent…

The Men Who Stare At Goats opens November 6th with an Australian release to follow. More details when an Australian release date is announced.

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  1. Get's my vote for "Movie Title of the Year", if nothing else!

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