Scott Pilgrim wraps! Release date looms! Lives to improve!


Edgar Wright‘s adaptation of the Bryan Lee O’Malley comic book series Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has finally wrapped. The final production picture has been posted to Wright’s blog, which you can see below.

It has been a while since we looked at some of the pictures Wright has uploaded from the set, so we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights from the past couple months. That should satiate our Pilgrimlust for a while, right???

In this very, very cool shot we see Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), Canadian slacker and bass-player for the band Sex Bob-omb. He has fallen in love with the mysterious American delivery girl Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), but her affection comes at a price. He must battle her seven evil ex-boyfriend’s to claim Ramona as her own.

And there she is now! Honestly, who wouldn’t battle seven evil exes to be with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Alison Pill plays Kim Pine, Scott’s former girlfriend and current drummer for Sex Bob-omb. Here she stands next to an uncanny stunt double.

Finally, here is Jason Schwartzman as big boss Gideon Graves, Ramona’s 7th evil ex-boyfriend. Fellow readers of the comic have not met this villain yet; in the first five volumes we have only heard his voice and seen a blurry image of the enigmatic Gideon. Obviously, a picture like this is very exciting.

Wright will now head into post-production to deliver us this highly-anticipated adventure by 2010, just in time for the sixth and final volume of O’Malley’s book to hit stores. However, screenwriter Michael Bacall has insisted that the ending of the film may deviate from the ending of the comic, even though O’Malley assisted in adapting the comic to film.

While we wait impatiently for a release, check out the Wright’s very entertaining video blogs here, or even better, buy the comics!!!

Fun Fact: Michael Bacall was one of the Inglourious Basterds!

“Do not disturb, talk to or look at me. I was in a movie with Brad Pitt.”

Discuss: How much better will all our lives be once we see this film? I think: a lot!

3 Responses to “Scott Pilgrim wraps! Release date looms! Lives to improve!”

  1. As a fan of the comic books, I'm pretty freaking excited for this. Have to say though, Michael Cera isn't what I pictured Scott Pilgrim to be but all the other casting is spot on!

  2. Ah happy days. The closer and closer we come to a trailer, the excitement and apprehension builds.cant freaking wait. seriously, im working on that time vortex right now. i would rather bend the impossibilities of time than spend much longer in suspense.BTW, simon, bonus points for twitter conversations with edgar. woop woop!

  3. haha, thanks Rosie. +1000 POINTS!Edgar and I are pretty much best buds now. I have a feeling he'll be ditching Simon PEGG in the near future, and he'll come to his senses and start hiring Simon MIRAUDO.

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