First pics of Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning in New Moon … look ridiculous


Because we know you want it, here are the first images of The Volturi vampire brood from The Twilight Saga’s New Moon. And yes, that is Dakota Fanning and Michael Sheen in those pictures.

So, I’m sure most of you know more about these Volturi than I do. In fact, I think I am officially one of the last people to have not read any books from the Twilight series. Well, it’s me and a guy from Kentucky, but I’m pretty sure he’s blind.

BUT, if Empire‘s description is correct, they are ‘the monarchy and government of the vampire world’. They live in Italy, feed on tourists and exact swift punishment to those who threaten to reveal their true identity. So if you weren’t creeped out by Dakota Fanning already…

The Volturi will also be brought to life by Jamie Campbell-Bower and Cameron Bright.

If anyone wants to let us know how these dudes (and dudette) contribute to the ongoing and already unbearable love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Discuss: OK, let’s try something new. Instead of berating me for not liking this franchise, how about someone try and SELL IT TO ME! Leave a short little comment that should entice me to see the film (which I will no doubt have to regardless).

13 Responses to “First pics of Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning in New Moon … look ridiculous”

  1. Um…. Taylor Lautner is hot? I'm reaching here, but I can't think of anything I could sell that series on, sorry!

  2. you cried in WALL-E. youre not stable enough to judge. now go off & eat your happy meal with the complimentary WALL-E toy…oop! i dont mean to franchise you *cough* ahem.. i mean chastise you ;♥P

  3. again with the Twilight bashing *sigh* i think Dakota Fanning looks wicked as Jane, the Jane in the book is sadistic so i think it is a good fit…. and Aro is supposed to look weird he is a millennium or 2 old. how would you look at that age?????

  4. If I'm still around for another millennium and looked like Michael Sheen, I'd feel pretty good about myself. But surely they have hairdressers in Italy? He looks like Fabio's skinnier, paler, younger brother 😉

  5. Teen-Lame! Is that a maeningful description? A few years ago I would have said it looked incredibly gay but PC and all that. Have I seen it or read it? No. Do I see anything to make me want to? Hell no.You cried in Wall-E? I thought I was the only one who thought it was so bad it made me want to cry. Cry and break things.

  6. Two reasons you should watch New Moon, Simon:1. You would be remiss in your "duty" as a film blogger/reviewer if you didn't give your opinion of a film which has garnered such a large place in pop culture. If you don't think it should be as popular as it is, tell us why.2. You would be missing a golden opportunity for snark – if you end up hating it as much as you're expecting to. I am not a great fan of the Twilight films, but I do think the makers have actually done the best they could with the source material. The books largely consist of Bella's painfully neurotic thoughts, while the plot itself takes up relatively few pages. The prose starts off as serviceable and gradually deteriorates from there. Having said that, I was interested enough in the storyline to read all five books. I think it's the story and the "ease" of reading that have attracted such large numbers to the Twilight books. Many Twilight readers aren't bookworms, and often the only point of reference they have are classics they didn't enjoy studying at school. If you enjoy a book, have very little to compare it to, and don't realise that there are bound to be classics you would love, how can can you be expected to differentiate between an entertaining book and a great work of literature?And to answer your question, the Cullens are good vampires because they think it's evil to harm humans, the Volturi are the self-appointed "authority" and are evil because they actually enjoy harming humans. The Cullens need blood to survive and have urges but they get it from animals, The Volturi however like to play with their food. The Volturi want to keep humans from finding out about vampires so that they can keep on killing with impunity. The Volturi have made laws to keep vampires hidden but they may be "more guidelines than actual rules". How happy do you think the Volturi are going to be when they find out the Cullens have told a human being that they're vampires?

  7. This is theorem that I devised upon exiting the theatre with my wife, pertaining to the mass appeal of this particular franchise. I'd find it interesting to know how this resonates with everyone.It is popular because it provides a very appealing fantasy for females of any age. Here's the list:1) For teen girls, it provides them with that aching love, that true feeling of unwarranted devotion and lust you desire from a partner. For older women, it lets them feel young, virile and attractive with the same additional above points. This point is broken down as follows:a) Edward states Bella's scent makes him uncontrollably attracted to her.b) Edward states that he feels extremely protective of Bella, to the point that even when she's not around she's on his mind, and under his protection.2) Edward glows like diamonds in the light, and "diamonds are a girl's best friend".3) The supernatural element is an escapist fantasy, linked to the knowledge that Bella (and the reader) is single-handedly turning their partner's world around, and making them one-of-a-kind.4) Edward and his kind are dangerous and attractive, which is tempting and very safe when read from the pages of a book to the mind, instead of real.5) The secondary temporary love interest (of a completely different, dangerous race and culture, looks etc) completes the love triangle that exists in many female romance novels.I'm sure there's more but I've maybe forgotten some since my single viewing. Thoughts? And feel free to add in Simon.

  8. Hi Adam, some female thoughts on what you've written…I didn't enjoy Twilight (I believe it's more aimed at teenage girls) so perhaps my opinion doesn't count.From my remembrance of being a teenage girl, young girls fall in love with an image of perfection, which is incredible power wrapped up in weakness.Edward is powerful beyond belief, yet he's also weak and vulnerable -He desires Bella to the point of insanity, he's inexperienced, and he's confused, trying to figure out who he is.Young girls don't desire boys like this in the same way that boys lust after girls (sexually). This is why there's no sex in the movie. Young girls see boys like Edward as someone perfect, someone they wish they could become. He's a hybrid of both female and male, he's powerful, but vulnerable, and he's full of desire. All of this adds up to: He's a girl. Edward is how young girls see themselves inside.Remember: This book was written by a woman, and also directed by one. Edward may look male, but he was created by a female. He's the female soul as a boy.Of course, seeing as I didn't enjoy the film, I could be full of rubbish. I just remember being a young girl though…

  9. Ok. well I think you really need to read the books before seeing the movie in any case.I can only speak for myself in that I enjoy sci-fi/fantasy type movies where reality is something other than what we experience day-to-day. In Twilight, the possibility of someone from an unreal world (Edward) falling in love with someone from the real world is intriguing and the basis of all romance/fantasy novels/movies.I don't know why it is such a phenomenon but I enjoyed and read all 4 books in a matter of days.

  10. great discussions here everyone!firstly Evie, thanks for the suggestions. But don't get me wrong – I sit down to every movie hoping to fall in love with it; believe me, I would much prefer to enjoy a film rather than be bored to tears.Adam and Namelessme – interesting theories; I agree and think that a major part of the series' success is the way in which it captures teenage obsession (the kind felt by both boys and girls); that sense that you have met the love of your life at the age of 15 and that you could never love anyone as much as you do them.It will be interesting to see if this dynamic changes in New Moon; especially with a male director (Paul Weitz) taking over from the first film's director Catherine Hardewicke.Finally, to The Pampuchs; I don't deny that being a fan of the books helps enhance a viewing of the film. HOWEVER, every book-to-movie adaptation should be able to stand on its own two feet, independent of its source material, and be judged accordingly.Keep sharing your thoughts guys!

  11. To The Pampuchs:Not always. Let The Right One In straddles my number one spot with several other films, and after reading the book post-film, I came to the conclusion the film was superior. The book revealed a few things I felt worked much better when left ambiguous and open to personal interpretation, and added more storylines and characters that I felt made it less engaging.My wife has read all the books, and quickly I might add, and she's very excited to see the films, she's viewed the first several times on Blu. But I don't think she views the books as better, but then again, she's not much of a reader. I can't state her view for her.

  12. Hi Simon,I think the second film is already different from the first, and now that you mentioned it, having a male director is probably the reason.The second film is being marketed as a whole heap of sexy male bodies in a film. I think girls would prefer lone, troubled Edward rather than a male-body-fest, but hey, this saga is really not my thing anyway.I started reading one of the books out of curiosity, and again, it's not really my thing either. When I was a teenager, I used to love Christopher Pike's LAST VAMPIRE books. They should make THEM into a movie saga.

  13. Hi,wow from the comments alone i got so many interesting things..thank you for writing this article.

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