What is the greatest chick flick ever?

We’re calling you out Quickflixers! We want to know what YOUR FAVOURITE CHICK FLICK is! Everyone has one (even you fellas) and we want to know yours!

Sure, “chick flick” is one of those terms that are only spoken at hushed volumes. This is certainly the case for men, who get all teary at the mere mention of the film Ghost. “No, I just, you know, I think it’s an eyelash. I’ll just go to the bathroom and get it out.”

But why be ashamed?! I know plenty of ladies who adore a girls-night-out to the cinema, ready to check out the steamiest, most romantic hunks. And yes, I’ll even come out and say it: “I like a good chick flick too!” Maybe it’s because I’m a Piscean; maybe it’s because I grew up in a house full of women; or maybe I just have deeper issues that I need to explore. But that’s another problem for another day.

Hit the comments section and let us know your ALL-TIME FAVOURITE CHICK FLICK!

An example perhaps?

Simon Miraudo – When Harry Met Sally

Don’t laugh! When Harry Met Sally is one of the few romantic comedies out there that carries a lot of insight into real relationships between men and women. Billy Crystal was never funnier; Meg Ryan was never cuter. And I’d be lying if I said I don’t love those little interstitials with all those old couples!

But enough from me. I’m boring! We want to hear from you! Let no Chick Flick stone be left unturned! Hit us up in the comments section with your fave!

25 Responses to “What is the greatest chick flick ever?”

  1. I would vote for The Truth about Cats and Dogs. Jeneane is at her caustic best. She is funny and vulnerable. I'm not a huge fan of Uma Thurman, but she worked perfectly in this movie. It's a good one for watching over and over again. The second DVD I ever bought (after When Harry Met Sally – but that's already been done).

  2. A Walk To Remember….do i even need to elaborate 😉

  3. Jerry McGuire…it completes me.

  4. The Jane Austin Book Club

  5. Thelma and Louise – closely followed by Ghost.Must admit that Whoopi Goldberg walking in high heels in Ghost just cracks me up!!

  6. baby mama followed closely by knocked up. not your traditional chick flicks i'll admit, but still led well by chicks in main roles, tackling issues that chicks will be interested (albeit with a side serve of hilarity) and having emotional moments within.other chick flick vote would be for Meet Joe Black. Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani = hot hot hot!

  7. Gotta be Beaches, true freindship out lasts everything, makes me cry every time

  8. 10 Things I Hate About You would have to be mine.

  9. Dirty dancing… nobody puts baby in a corner!

  10. Sorry, but for me if I want to spend some quality girl time it's Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien Resurrection

  11. Whilst there are so many I can think of (Pretty Woman, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, While You Were Sleeping etc), I would have to say my top three are:Moonstruck (passion, opera and Nicholas Cage – be still, my beating heart!)An Affair to Remember (funny, and I still cry at the end every time)Notting Hill ("I'm just a girl…")

  12. guys are allowed to like movies made for chicks; but not to admit it…

  13. For my money:Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Special edition of course)Aliens (where Ripley comes into her own)G.I. JaneIf you're talking love stories:Cat on a hot tin roof (Paul and Liz – enough said)Love Actually The Crow (Come on – the man loves you so much he'll come back from the dead to set things right – what's not to love?)Wall-E

  14. You've Got Mail, closely followed by Sleepless In Seattle, also love Ghost, 50 First Dates and Pretty Woman. I'm a girl…..

  15. Although the above flicks are nice and all… my vote goes for "The Princess Bride" — no other movie gives you 'true love'.

  16. Ghost is pretty up there &, much to my surprise, I loved Sweet Home Alabama. Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic.

  17. Pride and Prejudice (the new one), Two Weeks Notice, Legally Blond, Miss Congeniality, Bring it On… Mind you I know men who like these as well…

  18. My favourite "chick" flick would have to be 'Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont' – admittedly it's a different kind of love story, but anyone who doesn't shed a tear while watching hasn't got a heart.Rupert Friend is absolutely the nicest young man ever!

  19. I want to put in a vote for "Keeping the faith", but I do agree with FlashMan, Morgyn, princess fee, and Kelly. Great choices everyone!

  20. Overboard with Goldie and Kurt Russell

  21. Overboard with Goldie and Kurt Russell

  22. Hard to choose!! There are all kinds of chick flicks – really weepy ones, dramatic ones & funny ones!I suppose my favourite typical one would be A Walk to Remember…I cry buckets when I watch it!But also love The Princess Bride, 10 Things I Hate About You, Emma, Love Actually, The Holiday, Romeo & Juliet, Stardust, Suddenly 30, The Notebook…okay I'll stop now!:-)

  23. The Roman Polanski version of "Romeo & Juliet"; has the best version of the suicide scene I've ever seen; I cried like a newborn & I never cry at the movies.

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