Could A Single Man be a surprise Oscar contender?


On the eve of the Toronto International Film Festival, no one was expecting the directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford to make much of a splash. However, as the festival drew to a close, his film A Single Man was the picture everyone seemed to be talking about. Let the Oscar race begin!

The film stars Colin Firth as a gay man struggling with the loss of his partner. Set in 1964, the picture follows 24 hours in Firth’s character’s tumultuous life. It is adapted from the novel by Christopher Isherwood.

A Single Man debuted at the Venice Film Festival (yes, there are a lot of film festivals this time of year) prior to its sale in Toronto. Firth picked up the Volpi Cup (Best Actor) in Venice for his troubles.

The Weinstein Company, recently saved from bankruptcy by the hit film Inglourious Basterds, picked up distribution rights for A Single Man for seven-figures. They intend to distribute the film in the U.S. before the end of the year, with the intention of a big Oscar push early 2010.

From the looks of the trailer, A Single Man has a heavy Far From Heaven/The Hours/Mad Men vibe going on. As a fan of all those projects, this is very exciting.

And who knows, perhaps Ford, the man responsible for reviving the Gucci label and posing with an open-shirt next to naked starlets on magazine covers, could walk away with his own Oscar?

Check out the gorgeous trailer below and let us know your thoughts!

A Single Man also stars Julianne Moore, Matthew Goode and Lee Pace. There is no Australian release date … yet.

Discuss: No one had heard of a little movie called Slumdog Millionaire until it debuted on the film festival circuit in September 2008. So is all this talk of highly anticipated Oscar contenders Nine, Up in the Air and The Lovely Bones in vain? Could A Single Man sweep the majors?

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