Quickflix interviews Kay Panabaker from Fame!

Have you ever met someone that made you feel totally inadequate? Well, I have. In fact, that is EXACTLY how I felt when I spoke to Kay Panabaker, the 19-year-old starlet of the upcoming remake of Fame. An interview by Simon Miraudo.

Normally, it’s not that unusual for a girl to make me feel inadequate – although it usually takes place on a sporting field.

However, Kay Panabaker has already carved herself a significant career in Hollywood, while also managing to get her University Degree while she was only 17.

Kay has been working from the age of 11, landing roles in the television programs Summerland, Weeds, Boston Legal, Angel and Grey’s Anatomy.

She is also one of the few ladies in the world to kiss Zach Efron – sure, it was for a TV show, but it still counts.

I was given the opportunity to speak to Kay a couple of weeks ago to discuss her role in the upcoming remake of Fame. Please enjoy!


Part 1

Part 2

So there you have it. A 19-year-old girl with a degree in 20th Century History and a starring role in Fame. I’m going to go feel sorry for myself.

Fame opens September 24th.

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