Quickflix Charts – The top rentals for September

Alright gang; here are the top 10 DVD rentals for the month of September, as Queued up by you.

1. Twilight

2. He’s Just Not That Into You
3. The International
4. Watchmen
5. Knowing
6. Duplicity
7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
8. Body of Lies
9. Burn After Reading
10. Rachel Getting Married

Well, who’da thunk it. Those bloodsucking Twilight vamps have shot to Number 1 with a bullet, despite debuting on DVD back in April. With the sequel New Moon hitting cinemas in November, expect Twilight to remain top of the pops for a few more months. Last month’s victor Knowing dropped to fifth place, below He’s Just Not That Into You, newcomer The International and Watchmen. The bottom five remains consistent with last month’s results. However, with a whole slate of new releases landing on DVD in the coming weeks, look forward to a shakeup on the Quickflix Charts.

Fun fact: Burn After Reading is the top rental of 2009 so far.

Discuss: What are your thoughts? What was the best film you saw on DVD this month?

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