Will Clash of the Titans be the most beautiful movie of 2010?

source: empireonline.com.au

Louis Letterier‘s upcoming film Clash of the Titans is shaping up to be one of the most visually striking films of 2010. Empire have a whole batch of new images from the film for their upcoming cover story on the project.

We’ve been teased over the past few months with a couple of images of stars Sam Worthington and the lovely Gemma Arterton (which you can see here, here and even here) from the set of the mythological action epic.

The film stars Ralph Fiennes as Hades, who threatens to seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on Earth. It is up to Perseus (Worthington) and his band of daring warriors to battle Hades’ fearsome beasts and demons, and accept his own power as a God. The film also stars Jason Flemyng and Mads Mikkelson.

Now, please enjoy these context free images:

Perhaps most excitingly, EW have an exclusive image of Neeson on the set decked out in his Zeus gear. If any man was born to play Zeus, it’s Neeson. In fact, I have a theory that Neeson might actually be a God of some sort. I haven’t got any proof, but I don’t have any proof that he isn’t one either.

Clash of the Titans is set to hit Australian cinemas April 1, 2010.

Discuss: What are your feelings on this project? Is this just a glorified 300 rip-off from the director of Transporter 2, or a legitimately enticing epic from an up-and-coming action auteur?

3 Responses to “Will Clash of the Titans be the most beautiful movie of 2010?”

  1. If this version is full of over-used CGI, it certainly won't have any of the 'charm' that the original 1981 film had (great stop-frame animation by the master Ray Harryhausen).Hopefully the film will indeed be 'beautiful' by employing classic cinema techniques, not by using predictable improved-but-still-obvious action-style CGI!

  2. Who cares – it's just a movie – CGI or whatever, just pop it on in the background while you are doing something more interesting than being pretentious….

  3. Movies should never be "popped on" in the background; that is what TV shows are for. Movies should be given your full attention and love. I'm with you Joker74. I think it's time Hollywood went back to basics and stopped trying to shove more and more CGI down our throats, lest we get another Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (now there is a movie to pop on in the background – of someone ELSE's home).

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