Jennifer’s Body heading direct-to-DVD in Australia


The Diablo Cody-penned horror film Jennifer’s Body, once considered a sure-fire hit for Twentieth Century Fox, will now head straight to DVD in Australia following a disastrous run in American cinemas. Honest to blog.

The Karyn Kusama directed film, which featured Megan Fox as a demonically possessed cheerleader, grossed a meager $16 million in the U.S. Disappointing, considering that the last film written by Cody, Juno, grossed over $230 million worldwide and earned her an Academy Award.

Jennifer’s Body was originally set to debut in Australian October 28th. It was then delayed until December 10th. It has since been stricken from the upcoming cinema schedule, with a DVD release expected early 2010.

This is a shame. Horror-comedies are a tough sell for audiences these days. Sam Raimi‘s Drag Me To Hell also suffered at the box office, despite being not only one of the best horror films of recent years, but one of the best film’s of the year PERIOD.

Having not seen Jennifer’s Body, I can’t exactly comment on the quality of the film and say whether or not it deserves a direct-to-DVD release.

However, there is no way in hell it could have been worse than The Final Destination 3D (ONE OF THE MOST TERRIBLE HORROR FILMS EVER MADE YES EVEN WORSE THAN THE WICKER MAN), which managed to gross, get this, $152 million worldwide.

Discuss: How much does this suck?

7 Responses to “Jennifer’s Body heading direct-to-DVD in Australia”

  1. this is shite. I've been itching to see this – as have all my friends – for months and months now, and this is a devastating blow for teens across the country 😦

  2. About as much as Juno did?Seriously, that movie was about as realistic and entertaining as watching a bunch of aliens re-enact high school musical. Not only was the dialogue COMPLETELY inane and unrealistic (yes, my wife's sister is/was Juno's age, and no, none of them speak like that) but the film promoted some themes that, when viewed objectively, are incredibly alarming. I attack like this because, frankly, I don't think Cody has the chops to storm the world twice over. Nuance. No nuance whatsoever.But as always, I reserve my full judgment until I've viewed the film in question. But in summary, I'm not fussed about it receiving no screentime. I'm FAR more angered at the atrocity that is Hypernormal Activity getting wide release while works of true effort and thought like Moon get stuck with limited release. Disappointing.

  3. Hmm, disagree with you about Juno there Adam. I love it; nothing wrong with a bit of flowery, stylised language. Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen have been doing this for years.I do agree that Moon deserved a wider release. However, you have to appreciate that the wide release of Paranormal Activity, whether it is good or not (don't know, haven't seen it), is impressive. A movie was made for $11,000 and grossed $80 million – that's a story I can get on board with.

  4. Very true Simon. I love the fact that true independent thought and cinema can get its due every once in a while. I'm just a little raw because of some of the comments I've been reading, like "our generation's Exorcist". Not by a long shot. The new generation's Blair Witch, definitely, but EWxorcist, come now. That's hyping it up FAR too much.And on dialogue, good rebuff, but sometimes even Tarantino and Allen can get a bit much.

  5. Ha ha – goes to show that Megan Fox ain't as hot as what she or her PR peeps make her out to be. Can't hold a movie on her own. Can see Transformers 3 on the horizon…

  6. There is just no way that a movie is worse than "The Wicker Man". No way known. Never. Just can not happen.

  7. I saw jennifer's body the other day . It isn't that bad. I'd watch it again and i have =]. I wish people wouldn't bag this movie out so much, it is accualy quite good!

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