Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon inscribe names on Oscars with Invictus


Clint Eastwood
‘s long-awaited feature film Invictus is only months away from release, and it has been given the Oscar-batiest trailer we’ve ever seen.

The film stars Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela (of course he does), and depicts the period following his election as President of South Africa. He teams up with rugby captain Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon) to inspire his divided nation to unite as one.

Cue swelling strings, inspirational speeches and Morgan Freeman voiceover. Oscar please!

OK, that actually seems kinda great. Although Freeman looks like he is phoning it in a little, Damon pulls off a pretty decent South African accent. Maybe he’ll finally win a (long-deserved) Oscar. I mean, who else will he be competing with in the Supporting Actor category? Oh, right. Well, maybe next time Matty.

Invictus hits Australian cinemas 21st January 2010.

Discuss: Does Eastwood have another Oscar coming his way? Or is Invictus too obvious a choice for Oscar voters that it might be snubbed completely?

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