Boyle follows Slumdog with real-life Saw


Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle has announced that his next project will be 127 Hours, a biopic about the mountaineer Aron Ralston.

127 Hours will be Boyle’s first film since Best Picture winner and all-round mega hit Slumdog Millionaire.

Although you might not immediately recognise his name, Aron Ralston’s story has become mountaineering legend.

During a climb in May 2003, Ralston’s forearm was crushed under a boulder. He was pinned in the same spot for nearly five days until he decided to pull out a knife (a dulled knife no less) and cut off his own arm. With only one remaining arm, he scaled a 65-foot sheer wall and hiked to safety.

Boyle has written the treatment, while his Slumdog-cohort (and fellow Oscar winner) Simon Beaufoy will write the screenplay.

However, according to a recent interview with Boyle, it seems as if Beaufoy might not have too much of a hard time coming up with dialogue for the actor playing Ralston.

Boyle insists that the first hour of the film will feature no dialogue. Just Ralston and the rock.

Although there is no official green light or budget, I can’t imagine Boyle will have any trouble getting this picture off the ground.

He hopes to begin production March 2010, with a release later that year.

Discuss: OK, so who would you like to see play Ralston? The rumour is that Ryan Gosling is interested, but personally, this seems like a plum role for Sam Rockwell. And not just because of the name-related pun.

One Response to “Boyle follows Slumdog with real-life Saw”

  1. What about Guy Pearce? Kinda looks like Aron.

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