Amy Adams’ Leap Year trailer debut!


The trailer for the new Amy Adams romantic comedy Leap Year is a must watch … to see exactly how not to create a trailer. Why pay for the movie when we can literally see the entire plot condensed into two minutes?

The Anand Tucker-directed film had us relatively excited once upon a time. After all, Amy Adams is worth watching in anything. However, Leap Year might be a bit of a stretch.

She stars as an uptight woman who is sick of waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her. While he’s away on a business trip in Dublin, she decides to follow him there and fulfill an Irish tradition: She will propose to him on the 29th of February. A woman proposing to a man!?! Ca-razy!

However, when her plane makes an emergency landing in Wales, she asks a handsome and charming rogue to escort her to her hubby. Oh boy! I hope no sparks fly and cause a rift between her and her boyfriend!

Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts below!

Adams is joined here by the hilarious John Lithgow, Adam Scott (Step Brothers) and Matthew Goode (Watchmen, Match Point).

Sadly, from the looks of the trailer, it’s pretty standard rom-com fare, even down to the we-have-to-pretend-we’re-married-so-we-better-kiss-reluctantly-but-then-we-begin-to-enjoy-it.

The Proposal also featured this exact scene. That film was an equally contrived romantic comedy. HOWEVER, the talented cast actually elevated the material to make it a highly entertaining and enjoyable flick. Could Leap Year do the same?

Leap Year hits American cinemas January 8th, 2010, with an Australian release to follow.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on this trailer?

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  1. Do we have an Australian release date yet?

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