For your consideration! Best animated feature contenders!


The Oscar season has officially arrived. I guess we could question whether it ever really ends, because it seems as soon as one Academy Award ceremony finishes, a new slate of films are assessed on their ability to claim prizes the following year.

Something I have a great interest in are the FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION ads taken out by studios in order to promote their films and suggest potential categories for nomination.

Awards Daily have kept a comprehensive collection of these ads for the past five years and have begun to post those relating to the 2010 Academy Awards.

What we find truly fascinating about these ads are the categories the studios believe the picture is capable of competing in. In the past, we have followed with earnest the attempted Best Picture campaigns for WALL-E and The Dark Knight, and to a lesser, more ironic extent, Mamma Mia and High School Musical 3.

Below, we take a look at the five biggest contenders for Best Animated Feature. We’ll be featuring new ads for different categories over the next few months, so let us know which ones grab you, which are the most effective, which are the least, and which have no chance in hell of ever succeeding.

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Best Picture, Best Animated Feature

Best Picture, Best Animated Feature, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make Up, Best Sound.

Best Animated Feature

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Best Animated Feature

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Best Animated Feature

The 82nd Academy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on the 7th of March, 2010. The ceremony will be hosted by Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.

Discuss: OK, could anything other than Up win Best Animated Feature? And as a side question, could Up and Coraline be genuine Best Picture contenders? After all, the field has expanded to 10 nominees?

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