Uncensored version of The Hangover heading to DVD

An R-rated cut of The Hangover will be released on DVD in Australia. The R-rated cut of the film is the same version screened in American cinemas, but not in Australian cinemas.

Earlier this year we reported that Roadshow Films had cut several images from the Australian cinematic cut of The Hangover to ensure an MA15+ rating.

Mild spoilers for The Hangover follow:

At the end of Todd Phillips‘ hit film, the main characters find a digital camera which has captured some particularly incriminating images from their forgotten Vegas bucks’ night. They agree to look at the photos, which are screened during the film’s end credits.

Two pictures show Zach Galifianakis’ character Alan receiving, ahem, oral pleasure from a middle-aged lady in an elevator. Suffice to say, a prosthetic penis was required for the brief sequence.

End of spoilers.

The aforementioned images will be re-inserted (no pun intended) into the Australian DVD release.

Last month we reported that Bruno, another picture edited for Australian screens, would be released uncensored on DVD.

Although it’s great to know we will finally be able to enjoy the proper version of these films on DVD, it’s still a shame that Australian viewers were not given the opportunity to enjoy them in cinemas.

Discussion: Is this trend of editing raunchy comedies for cinematic release unnerving to anyone else?

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