New Moon – The wait is over!

It’s here. It’s finally here. Less than twelve months since Twilight first arrived in a flurry of mad anticipation, its sequel New Moon is ready to be spooled in cinemas around the world.

The love triangle between Bella (Kristen Stewart), Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) will finally be projected onto screens this evening for tweenage girls and middle-aged mothers (and everyone else who denies they are a fan) to devour.

Regular readers of this blog already know that my relationship with The Twilight Saga has been … strained, to say the least.

I think back to those naive days in October 2008, when I pondered the question: What is Twilight and why should I care? A couple of months later, my review (entitled Toothless and tasteless) hit the web, inciting the rage of fans who chided me for not loving the film. I gave it 0.5/5. This was just the beginning.

I called it the worst movie of 2008. I named Bella and Edward the creepiest movie couple of all time. I crowned the Cullens’ the most unbearable movie family in history. Hyperbolic? Sure. But I really didn’t like that movie.

Then, mere months later, we were introduced to the marketing materials for the sequel, The Twilight Saga’s New Moon. The two of us got off on the wrong foot, what with me calling its movie poster the worst ever made. See a recurring theme here? Anyway, once again the Twilight fans took aim at me (perhaps deservingly).

Grow up & get a life & spend your pointless time reviewing movies you ACTUALLY care about.”

“OK…we get’re NOT a Twilight fan. But honestly who really cares?”

“If you hate Twilight so damn much, why bother writing a whole bloody article about it? People like you make no sense what-so-ever.”

And that was the polite stuff.

They raised a good point though. For someone who hated Twilight so much, why did I spend so much time writing about it? I pondered whether or not I was in fact harboring an insatiable crush on star Robert Pattinson. Of course, this theory was thrown out of the window when I was finally introduced to the new and improved Taylor Lautner.

Here was a charming, somewhat human looking dude who actually had some charisma, unlike that talking hat-stand Pattinson. I declared myself a proud member of Team Jacob. And then, the final trailer for New Moon emerged – and I kinda dug it.

Nooooooo! How could I betray all those who had cheered me on when I mocked The Twilight Saga so mercilessly! I won’t lie to you. I felt ashamed.

Don’t get me wrong – my feelings on Twilight the First have not changed. But a little part of me, whether it’s my desire to continue the mockery or in fact a genuine interest in the story of Bedward, is looking forward to New Moon.

On Thursday night, I will be lining up with the rest of the diehard fans to witness the latest adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s world-beating novels. By the weekend, I will post my review. Will director Chris Weitz improve upon predecessor Catherine Hardwicke‘s drab and dreary style? Is the romance less contrived/less patronising/less creepy this time around? Will Robert Pattinson’s hair move?

One thing I know for sure. Love it or hate it, Twilight will never be far from my thoughts. The point of this highly narcissistic article is to highlight that few films have dominated the pop-cultural consciousness as Twilight has.

If The Twilight Saga has given us anything, it has been some great discussions. So, let’s continue that tradition! Hit us in the comments section below with your thoughts on this franchise. Love it? Hate it? Nothing it?

And when you finally see New Moon (let’s face it, you all will) be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Discuss: Alright friends. Let the sparkly-skinned discussion begin!

13 Responses to “New Moon – The wait is over!”

  1. My parents are Twi-hards – at least I think thats what they call themselves – surprising to say in the least.

  2. I simply can't wait for the movie to come out – even though I'm neither a Tweenager or a Middle-Aged mum. I am happy to sense an unwilling change – and look forward to reading your reveiw – but only AFTER I've seen it and made up my own mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!Cheers, Bernie

  3. I am definitely a Twilight fan. At 53, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the books – what a great story Stephanie Meyer has given us. If you understand the characters of the book, I believe you will credit both Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart with fulfilling their roles very well. Yes, the story does hot up in New Moon with Jacob (Taylor Lautner) becoming part of the main story. Of course, having faces to put to the names, certainly makes it easier when reading the books. I have been happily getting through Twilight and New Moon once more, before I see the sequel very shortly!


  5. I'm not fond of the Twilight movie, but I love the books, and I'm really looking forward to seeing New Moon, when I can find a babysitter for the kids (my 15 year old is not a fan), and I can drag my husband to see it. He owes me for not being like Edward. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I have to say I agree with you and your review on Twilight. I rather enjoyed the first book however the movie killed it for me and haven't been inclined to pick up the sequel. I am also curious to see how the sequel goes however I read a review on New Moon earlier today and apparently its not looking good. I look forward to reading your review!

  7. I am a private music teacher who was forced to become a Stephenie Meyer fan by student pressure. I am so glad I consumed all her books, as she hits her younger readers with observable results. After reading the books, I had formerly reticent students using various words they had gleaned from her texts. And understanding them, having had to research their meanings! As a teacher – well done Stephenie Meyer!Manda

  8. Just came from a double screening of Twilight first (we were just seeing Twilight again on the big screen)and the queues for the midnight screening of New Moon were intense! I too am a huge fan of the books and think it is wonderful that more young people are actually reading books again. I hope New Moon the movie is amazing as it is my favourite book out of the 4 novels. I will be seeing it tomorrow at Gold Class (why? so there are much less screaming teenagers around me!)and I will be saying Go Team Edward!Enjoy everyone, Mum of 2 littlies

  9. Meleita, it's almost physically impossible to be a great-grandmother at 63.Unless you had a kid @ 15, so did your child, their child, and their child with a few years to give or take.

  10. What a great review! I am a big Twilight fan, despite the many flaws in both the books and the first movie. I find the Edward character so overprotective and badly drawn, you just don't get to know him at all he is just the obsessed guy always watching Bella like a hawk. And you have to wonder just how slow Bella and the rest are when they are trying to figure out who the bad guy is this time when surprise its always the same 'people'. However the main storyline is very compelling and the imagery is fantastic, despite some repetitiveness that hopefully will be cut out in the movies. I really loved the books. Mostly due to the fantastic Jacob character and the will they, won't they between him and Bella. I hope that due to Robert Pattinson's popularity we will get to know the the Edward character a bit better in the movies. So I loved the review, hilarious! as I love the franchise despite how cheesey it can be.

  11. moWent to a midnight screening last night, am a huge fan of the books and like all book tomovie adaptations, never quitelivesup to the story, but nonetheless a more enjoyable watch than the first, which I saw for the first time on the big screen just before New Moon. Jacob's character makes for some great viewing, much more pleasing to the eye and judging from the gasps from the audience at his bulging physique,left Edward looking rather plain in comparrison. All out better than the first the effects dept.Chriss

  12. I am 67 & devoured the books I didn,t want to watch the movie as with Lord of the Rings I thought I had the characters in my head & didn,t want to be disappointed.My grandkids kept pestering me to see it so I finally did.& wow was I wrong in both cases!I loved it & will be seeing New Moon in a few days My grandaughter Maggie saw it at midnight & was over the moon Give in to it we all need to dream Shirl

  13. OMG! I let my 13 year old daughter read the books. The books are always more graphic than the movies turn out to be because you can put so much more in a book. Just make the damn movie & keep it as true to the book as you can. People let their kids watch Aliens and stuff like that with graphic 'birth' scenes. In my view this is alot more tame. Personally I'm hanging out for the next onscrene installment.

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