Reality TV satire Eliminated commences shooting

The filmmakers behind the critically acclaimed Australian movie The Jammed have begun filming a new comedy entitled Eliminated. Shooting will take place in Melbourne.

Pictured: Dee McLachlan (center) and the cast of The Jammed.
Writer/director Dee McLachlan and producer Andrea Buck have reteamed for this politically incorrect comedy about terrorism and reality television.
Eliminated stars Veronica Sywak, Masa Yamaguchi, Osamah Sami, Richard Cawthorn, Frieda McKenna, Leah De Niese, Sachin Joab, Kendal Rae and Matt Hetherington.
I’m going to hand it over to the press release for the plot synopsis:

In ELIMINATED, a panel of guerilla judges selects and tests an eager and diverse group of young contestants to see who will take out the crown of ‘master terrorist’. Subjected to various challenges, interrogations and torture, the aspiring terrorists adapt and change – and even learn to work together – as they face tormenting and surprising eliminations.

I’d mention films that similarly satirise these two topics, such as American Dreamz and Series 7, but I think the filmmakers behind The Jammed will be capable of making a better feature than those two. I’d rather not lump them in with those unsavoury titles (or is it too late?!).

No release date as of yet, but Eliminated will be distributed by Titan View in Australia and New Zealand.
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