Quickflix Charts – The top rentals for November

Alright gang; here are the top 10 DVD rentals for the month of November, as Queued up by you.

It’s an upset! After two months at the top, Twilight has slipped to second place. This is despite the fact that The Twilight Saga’s New Moon hit cinemas in the last week of November. Ah well. All the members of Team Edward and Team Jacob can find solace in the fact that the 2008 flick remains one of the most popular rentals of the year.

Meanwhile, Angels and Demons has jumped into the top spot with almost double the demand of 2nd place holder Twilight. He’s Just Not That Into You continues to hold the Bronze Medal, whilst new entry X-Men Origins: Wolverine enters the top five. The International, Benjamin Button and Watchmen continue to hold strong despite competition from Star Trek and Monsters vs. Aliens.

The most popular Aussie film amongst Quickflix members continues to be Baz Luhrmann‘s Australia. Meanwhile, the number 1 rental of 2009 (so far) is The Coen BrothersBurn After Reading. However, if Twilight can keep up its momentum in December, we might see those shiny vampires take the prestigious prize of Most Rented Movie of The Year. Yikes. Get renting Coen Brothers’ fans!

Discuss: What are your thoughts? What was the best film you saw on DVD this month?

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