Breaking Dawn: The Movie?

So, have you heard about these Twilight movies yet? They’re kind of a big deal. The first film of the series earned a hefty $384 million worldwide during its run, while the sequel New Moon has already picked up $473 million worldwide … in just two weeks.

The films are based on Stephanie Meyer’s novels of the same name, and as with any successful film adaptation of a literary property, you can imagine movie producers are clamouring over themselves to bring each and every possible installment to the big screen.
The third book of the series, Eclipse, is currently being filmed under the direction of David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night). He is replacing New Moon helmer Chris Weitz, who in turn replaced Twilight helmer Catherine Hardwicke. Eclipse is expected to hit cinemas June 30 2010. These are the facts.
What is currently unknown is whether or not the fourth and final book of Meyer’s saga, Breaking Dawn, will be adapted for the screen.
Now those of you who haven’t read Breaking Dawn probably can’t see what all the fuss is about. “Of course they’ll turn it into a movie! If anything makes $140 million in its opening weekend they’ll film as many sequels as humanly possible.” However, as anyone who has read Breaking Dawn will confirm, this one is not exactly the extended metaphor for abstinence as its predecessors.
I haven’t read the books, but I have skimmed over the Wikipedia synopsis for each of them, which I feel is an appropriate amount of time to spend on Meyer’s novels. And a lot of weird stuff seems to go on in Breaking Dawn, including (gasp) interspecies sex and graphic childbirth. This is a bit more hardcore than the almost-kisses and shiny vampires of Twilight and New Moon.
Producer Wyck Godfrey told the LA Times that they everyone involved has “every intention” to bring Breaking Dawn to cinema screens. However, he did state that it was “a little overwhelming to really think in a detailed manner of how we’re going to crack this.”

According to Hitfix, Summit Entertainment are preparing to offer New Moon director Chris Weitz the opportunity to direct Breaking Dawn. However, they are yet to officially officially announce the production of the film.
Brendon Connelly over at Slashfilm suggests that screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (with the “assistance” of the producers) is currently cleaning up the screenplay for the tween crowd, which is why it’s taking so long for an official announcement.
What does Stephanie Meyer say about this? Well, on the FAQ of her website (written shortly after the release of her final book) she discusses the possibility of Breaking Dawn as a movie (or possibly even two movies).

“It’s hard to imagine it fitting into ninety minutes,” she said.

Interestingly, stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have only signed contracts tying them to four films. Stretching Breaking Dawn into two parts would mean a renegotiation of salaries. However, if spending a bit of extra cash on the stars means Summit can double their grosses of Breaking Dawn, I’d guess they probably wouldn’t mind.

So, now I hand it over to the Twilight fans. 1) Would you like to see Breaking Dawn turned into a film? 2) How would you feel if they made a kid-friendly version of Meyer’s final books? 3) Should it be made into one movie or two?
My feelings on The Twilight Saga have been well documented elsewhere, and even though I noted a greater appreciation for New Moon, I’m going to stay out of this argument. Leave it to the professionals (i.e. the real fans) I say.
Discuss: See above! Also, feel free to drop spoilers. Twilight newbies, you’ve been warned.

18 Responses to “Breaking Dawn: The Movie?”

  1. Chris Weitz wouldn't be a great choice to direct it, in my humble opinion. The charm of the first movie was in how Catherine Hardwicke captured their angsty teenage world, but Chris Weitz just didn't get it. The fans have flocked to the film anyway, of course, but she really did the stories so much more justice. The scene from New Moon that's a flashforward to Breaking Dawn is not supposed to be funny, but had even a midnight fan screening laughing out loud.

  2. They need to Break Breaking Dawn into 3 movies… The wedding, Jacobs Story, and the end, to be true to the books

  3. I'm with you… 3 movies! I would hate to see the a tween version of "Breaking Dawn". If the kiddies don't know about sex, they shouldn't watch the movie! :p

  4. Twilight the movie was terrible. I wanted to fall asleep; the acting was terrible, the movie was too slow and dark and it didn't creatively depict the novel.New Moon on the other hand was much better. Chris Weitz did a great job and I really do hope he directs Breaking Dawn. Kids who have read the books will watch Breaking Dawn regardless of whether it is more focused towards adults, provided they can get into the cinema.

  5. Like the Harry Potter Movies – why can't an M rated version be made. I liked the "traditional" feel of New Moon compared with the "modern" Twilight, but it might be cause I'm a Twilight Mum and therefore older. I would love to see 2 or even 3 installments, to keep the themes/moods of the book. A movie is NEVER as good as the book, but in saying that I have thoroughly enjoyed the 2 movies so far and will still pay to see the next installments (at midnight whilst the kids are at the in-laws!!) and look forward to screen adaptation!!PS: Chris Weitz would capture the tension of the Volturi descending perfectly I believe! and Catherine Hardwicke would be well suited to the emotions of the Wedding and Jacobs part.

  6. No to Chris Weitz directing…he lost the feel in New Moon didn't capture the story and put to much of Edward in it…true fans wouldn't have minded only Robert fans would have. I still enjoyed the movie but now they need someone who can capture what Stephenie was putting out there. And yeah 3 different point of views three different movies or two.

  7. Breaking Dawn must be made and it needs to be done in at least two parts. No dumming it down to make it suitable for tweens. Be true to the book. I don't think Twilight the movie did the book justice, New Moon was a little better but the movies will never do what the books did.

  8. I agree, no dumming it down. Breaking Dawn NEEDS to be true to the book – preferably in two parts. I feel that the movies so far haven't brought out ALL the important parts. I know they focus on Edward and Bella and Jacob but… in Twilight they could have brought out more of Carlise's history as well as Alice's. It wouldn't have taken much – a quick explaination during the tour of the house, showing the 'pictures' (one of which was shown in New Moon) With Alice's history, they only needed James to mention chasing Alice and her being turned to 'save' her – the one that got away – as he taunted Bella. It wouldn't have been hard to do that. The next two need to bring out the history of the rest of the Cullen family – it would give their characters more depth. Breaking Dawn needs to be in two parts at least.

  9. Catherine Hardwicke should be allowed to do Breaking Dawn as she captured the true essence of the book. I also agree that the last book should be made into either 2 or 3 movies as not to lose the essence of the story. I think the true essence of the book should be made and not softened for tween audiences. If they have read the books already they are well aware of the books contents

  10. i loved both movies, seen new moon 3 times already. and already excited for next Junebut breaking dawn cant be toned down for the kids, it wouldnt get the full effect, make it rated M

  11. I think the best director for the final installments should possibly be Peter Jackson!!!! and as for the worst script writer in the would trying to tame the fianl installment for the tweens, god i hope she bloody well gets it right this time, im so sick of her killing the books by her dumb script writing and editing…. I hope they leave breaking dawn alone and give it the justice it deserves in its full entirety Its should NOT be for TWEENS!!!! if they hadnt noticed there are more adults, men and woman Interested in seeing these movies since New Moon has been released and god summit needs to get their act together!!

  12. seriously – no kiddy version – in Breaking dawn they dont actually elaborate about the sex – but it is definitely there – kids shouldnt be reading that – if teens dont know about sex then they shouldnt read the book or watch the movies. I love the books – just finished reading series for 3rd time – seen both movies a number of times – to not make a movie would be a sin and I am a mother of two so am not saying that from the tween/teen prospective

  13. They can't make the first 3 into movies and not the fourth, and it should be the same as it is written, the last harry potter movie was made kid friendly and it sucks!!!!

  14. I've read all the books and my favorite is Breaking Dawn. I don't think Chris Weitz is a capable director for the film version because I am so disappointed with his take on New Moon! Like seriously, WTF was that??!!? I'm such a big fan and the film was a big disappointment. No one's even gonna watch it for the second time. Tsk Tsk… I am thinking that a Hardwicke/ P.Jackson collaboration would be great.

  15. I think that New Moon was a much better movie than Twilight so therefore I think that Chris Weitz would be my pick to direct Breaking Dawn. I also think that the screenplay should stay true to the movie and not be watered down for the tweens as so much of the story would be lost. I agree that it should be made into at least 2 movies.

  16. They should definitely make a movie of Breaking Dawn. My daughter and I have been so looking forward to seeing how they portray Renesmee! And please, no kid friendly versions – that would completely spoil the whole thing!

  17. One of the advantages the tv series True Blood has over the Twilight movies is that they have the freedom to give depth and substance to a story over much more time (episodes rather than 2 hours)and it's much more intesting. Make it into two if it does the story justice and if they want to go beyond making it a teens movie. One thing…get the director right!!!!

  18. New moon the movie was definitely better than Twilight in regards to acting and directing. I think Weitz did an excellent job & the special effects were much more respectable. Even the graphics & the vampires looked so much better, even the cameras seemed different. I would be disappointed if Breaking Dawn turned into a rated G film (I know that's a little overdramatic, but whatever). Yeah, stay true to the book. None the less, everyone will still watch it, and 2 films would be even better!

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