Penelope, Nicole and Fergie in saucy Nine posters!


Posters for Rob Marshall‘s upcoming musical (and hot Oscar contender) Nine have landed online, featuring the film’s slinky leading ladies in all their gorgeous glory. Oh, and Daniel Day Lewis is there too. Click each image to see them full size!

Nine is the first screen adaptation of the Tony award winning musical (itself inspired by the life of director Federico Fellini and his film 8 1/2). It stars Day Lewis as Guido Contini, a famed Italian filmmaker who is wrestling with a mid-life crisis. Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Sophia Loren, Fergie and Dame Judi Dench play the various women who complicate (and enrich) his life.

Whoa. Fergie and Dame Judi Dench are in the same movie. That just occurred to me. Yikes. Anyway, you can check out the film’s trailer here!

Don’t be fooled by those posters. Nine doesn’t hit Australian cinemas until January 21 2010.

Discuss: Dame Fergie? Could it happen?

2 Responses to “Penelope, Nicole and Fergie in saucy Nine posters!”

  1. If it weren't for Penelope Cruz I would consider watching this.

  2. If it weren't for Nicole Kidman I'd consider watching this – she's box office poison.

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