Head to Head – Knowing

Welcome to the latest edition of Head to Head, in which our Quickflix critic takes on our readers in a rip-snorting battle to the death! You pick the film, and we pick the fight!

This week, Catherine Harry revealed to us a mysteriously coded message that translated into an evisceration of Alex ProyasKnowing. For her troubles, she picked up a double pass to a preview screening of Paranormal Activity. You can win free movie tickets just like her by sending your mini-reviews to us here at Quickflix!

Quickflix critic Simon Miraudo will argue FOR the film while Catherine will argue AGAINST it. Let us know in the comments section below who you agree with. Spare no vitriol! Choose your side! There can only be one winner!


Simon Miraudo – 4.5/5

I will concede that Knowing features some spectacularly bad dialogue and some awful, ham-fisted performances. But so what! I cannot think of a more theologically thoughtful or spectacularly impressive sci-fi film to hit cinemas in 2009. Not only does Knowing feature the greatest plane crash in film history, there are at least three other set pieces that are as equally breathtaking. However, what makes Alex Proyas’ film so special is its bravery. Without getting into spoilers, its approach towards life, death, religion and beyond is surprisingly thoughtful and overwhelmingly satisfying. It is a shame that many cannot look past Nicolas Cage’s involvement (and hairpiece) to see that this film has been designed to stimulate conversation and passionate arguments. Like YOU Catherine!

Catherine Harry – 2/5

I am sorry but I beg to differ with you Simon. Actually I take that back I am not sorry! What are you thinking when you are holding the movie “Knowing” up as a good sci-fi??? It simply and categorically was nothing of the sort!!! I felt robbed by this movie and was left wanting the two hours of my life back that it had just stolen. Stolen with the promise of being good and yet it was nothing of the sort! Sure the special effects were mind blowing but they simply cannot make up for the bad acting and ludicrously insane plot. I love to give movies the benefit of the doubt but when they abuse that with such a pathetic ending of aliens and their “ark-like” way to save humanity. Please!!! It really could have been so much more and I just get annoyed when are blindsided but mere potential. I think that they should have “predetermined” that the audience are not going to sit there and swallow such rubbish!!!

Now it’s over to you! What were your thoughts on Knowing? Let us know in the comments section below. If you would like to be featured in the next Head to Head and possibly win some free movie tickets, send your mini-reviews to us here at Quickflix!

4 Responses to “Head to Head – Knowing”

  1. Urgh, Rose Byrne was EXCRUCIATING in this film!!!If was ever to watch this film again, I would mute the sound and admire the special effects…that's all it is good for IMHO…

  2. Sorry, but I can't overlook the god awful acting, not only from Cage but also Byrne and those two incredibly annoying children. And I know everyone disagrees, but I thought that plane crash looked like crap! Yeah it was well shot from a technical standpoint, but i freaking hate handheldAlso Nic Cage tells a guy who is running around on fire to "stop" or something. I lol'd

  3. Hahaha that bit is kinda funny.

  4. Total mismarketing on Summit's part. It was really just another Kirk Cameron religion-fest with better effects. Terrible film, I wouldn't even give it 1/5.

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