David Lynch discusses turning down Return of the Jedi

source: cinemablend.com

Did you know that David Lynch was offered the opportunity to direct Return of the Jedi? Yes, that Return of the Jedi.

In the following interview, he discusses meeting with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch and being shown a series of Wookies and Ewoks, which he says gave him “a headache”.

If you would like to hear the Star Wars segment, jump to the 7:18 minute mark.


By passing up Return of the Jedi, Lynch was able to work on his own sci-fi flick Dune. Although I’m glad that things turned out the way they did, it’s hard not to fantasise about a parallel universe in which Lynch directed the final film of the Star Wars saga.

Saying that, Lynch did go on to make Blue Velvet, which featured a damsel in distress, a naive young hero and an oxygen-deprived villain. Coincidence?!?!? Probably.

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2 Responses to “David Lynch discusses turning down Return of the Jedi”

  1. I can only imagine how weird the final showdown between Vader, Luke and the Emperor would've turned out.

  2. Golly – in Lynch's hands ROTJ would have been more than just little bears fighting against stormtroopers in a forest. George would not have approved.

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